EP20 – Q & A – Crohn’s Disease, Marathon Running, Carb Loading, Salt, Weight Loss, High Blood Pressure.

Richard Clarke and Dr Mark Daniels host a quick fire Q & A podcast to answer some of the questions you have been sending in to the show.

The questions included on this week’s show are; How to carb load for a man with Crohn’s disease who finds he loses all of his energy after 18-20 miles of every Marathon? (1:20) Can you eat salt with your food if you’re trying to lose weight? (6:01)

How to build up your running fitness for a man with high blood pressure and is on beta blockers? (8:48) And lastly any advice on why heart rate zone training isn’t working for a runner who is trying it (11:24).

Remember if you have a question that you want answered by Richard and Mark then email the address in the show notes below.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

If you want to have your questions answered on the show then you can email Richard in as much detail as possible at:

info@richard-clarke.co.uk or contact Dr Mark via info@revolutionaryhealth.co.uk ,you can also contact Richard on twitter or Facebook with your question.

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To get the salt Richard mentioned in the show go to www.goodnessdirect.co.uk


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