Twix For Breakfast

Just so you know I’m human
I have fallen off the wagon, and it all started with a twix for breakfast a couple of weeks ago.
I can’t really say it was a conscious decision at the time, like I didn’t plan it but before I knew it I was walking out of the petrol station with a BIG twix and a cup of tea.

Mister GC
Mister GC
The fact that I had already had a lovely (yeh right) green vegetable smoothie, was besides the point.
Obviously this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often but it does happen
Why did I do it? I don’t really know but I will attempt to paint the picture.
This stuff doesn’t happen because things are going well quite the opposite usually.
Lemme explain…
Firstly, I was starving and the breakfast smoothie just hadn’t hit the spot, or even filled the gap for that matter.
Secondly, we, had been stressed lately.
When I say we, I mean me and my wife, or should it be my wife and I either way we had been through a load of shit and were still in the middle of some too.
I won’t bore you with my problems, I’m sure you have enough of your own but it involves teenagers, sick parents and stuff breaking.
All this stuff going on, really threw our routine out AND we had sleepless nights worrying about it all.
If you live in the real world you will know what I’m talking about. This kinda stuff happens when you have a family, their problems are your problems.
And of course when all this stuff is going on, something like the washing machine goes and one of the kids gets nits and it’s enough to push you over the edge.
Usually this stuff individually is no big deal, but it all happened the same time and we are all human.
So with a combination of hunger, stress and lack of sleep there I was sitting in my car chilling with the radio on enjoying a twix for breakfast and it was bloody great I can tell you.
No big deal right.
Until the next day after lunch, when I ate a bag of maltesers. Whoops 
And the next day when I had a packet of orange club biscuits yes the whole packet, 8 biscuits, didn’t touch the sides if I’m honest, could’ve prob eaten another pack.
This sugar binge went on for another week or more, I was back eating jelly sweets and chocolate and it had all happened so fast and seemed to have kinda snuck up on me.
I would eat this crap in the evening after work normally I would wake up the next morning and say “right that’s it
no more today, sometimes even throwing out whatever was left over. Only to get home and by 9pm I was at it again.
I felt like a right addict, and that’s probably close to the truth.
I couldn’t stop, that was until I had a bad stomach and was getting a few spots here and there and that for me was enough to give me the kick up my ass to get it back in check.
So I swapped the junk for some oat and raisin cookies and homemade pancakes in the evenings.
And now I’m back on the wagon.
Now looking back it’s easy to see now with hindsight.
The stress triggered the bad habit.

David Castillo Dominici
The bad habit triggered the happy hormones and the desire to repeat it – because it was SO nice.
Then for me personally, I really had to feel some physical pain before I changed the bad habit.
Some schools of thought say you do stuff like this because your body needs serotonin, the happy hormone.
If levels are low your body will make you do almost anything to get a hit.  
They also say it’s kinda out of our control, we are animals after all and that’s what I felt like, an animal, when the hunger or should I say desire for SUGAR came over me.  
Also deep down, I guess I still love a bit of junk food and it’s something I have to keep in check for sure.
During these stressful times many of us have a weakness or an old habit which rears its ugly head.
So that’s my little confession session.  
Has this kinda thing ever happened to you? 
Have a nice bank holiday, 
PS Don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast, it’s a great one for all of you runners out there. We also talk Crohn’s disease, high blood pressure, carb loading, energy gels, salt and much more. 

2 thoughts on “Twix For Breakfast”

  1. Hi Richard, love the “Twix for Breakfast” email. There’s hope for us all if you can eat a pack of orange clubs in one go and then get back on the wagon !
    Thanks for the emails, they always give me a boost and encourage me to aim for the gym instead of the sofa & biscuit tin!

    1. Hi Cath, glad that resonated with you, seems it did with lots of people, what are we like eh. Get your ass back on the wagon babe ;-).

      Glad the messages keep you going in the right direction, thanks for the comments, Rich x

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