Fast Results Plus A Long Term Strategy

I have some exciting news.

Two things.

I have written a book, it’s being edited as we speak.

It’s a game changer (much more on that soon).

It’s gonna be out in September, ready for Xmas.

At the same time as the book will be released I will also be releasing my new 90 day online programme.

I want to speak to you about that today.

It’s a fat loss and fitness programme for women over 40.

It delivers FAST results PLUS has a long term strategy.

The best of both worlds.

I understand when people decide to lose weight they want to lose it fast.

Fast fat loss in the early stages provides lots of motivation that’s why I deliver fast results in all my programmes the new online one is no exception.

A heavy focus with my fat loss plan is your nutrition.

To make the eating plan sustainable, it has to be tasty.

The eating plan includes favourites such as:
*Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon
*Chicken Wraps
*Curries (over 50 clean curry recipes)
*Chilli Con Carne
*Stir Fry’s
*Monkfish Skewers
*Fish Cakes
*Shepherds Pie
*Burger & Chips
*Plus a loads of tasty Snacks & Treats

*The fitness part of the programme is designed to give you the maximum benefits as quickly and simply as possible.

*It’s designed to be gentle on your joints and highly effective.

*I will be teaching you the right techniques and the most important exercises you should be doing.

Exercises to improve and strengthen your
*Lower Back

We will improve your

*The fitness plan will build you up over the 90 days introducing you to new exercises each week.

*You will be guided through two or three workouts a week (you choose).

*If this is something you like the sound of, head over here and sign up for the early notification list.

and not only will you be the first to find out the exact release date
​you will also receive a special bonus for taking action early.

12 weeks to go…

Rich “early bird” Clarke

PS – Here is that link again


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