I Gave Him A Row

Every now and then, I give someone a row.

It may be just a short sharp little row (like the one I’m gonna talk about today) or it could be a proper bollocking, like I gave a guy last year (more on that another time).

Not sure whether it’s them or me at times but sometimes there is a clash.

They have one idea and I have another.

Like last week with one of my old fellas in my Exercise For Cancer Club.

Now he is a great guy and he loves the training but every week, he keeps turing up 10-15 mins late.

Which is not usually a major problem for me.

But this group are very high risk

I had explained it over and over to him but he didn’t seem to take any notice.

The thing which led to me giving him a row was based on safety.

See, he was just rushing the pre exercise rules HE MUST follow.

(He has been very ill and he can’t just rock up to the gym and get stuck straight in like other people would).

He has to sit down for at least 10 minutes and take his blood pressure and I have to record it plus monitor a few other bits.

This is the way it’s done, it is PROTOCOL.

It’s for his own safety.

We have been training together for 8 months

And during that time he has been pushing the “10 minute sit down before you start” rule to the limit.

The session in question was the final straw

I had to say something.

He came in sat down, did his blood pressure immediately and when he saw the reading was ok he said

“I’m happy with that and went to start warming up”.

I said..

“you may be happy but I’m not, you have to have a sit down a bit longer”.
(as I have told him every week)

He then said (which really annoyed me, think I must have had low blood sugar)

“no it’s ok…”

and then started to explain to me why it was ok for him to start straight away.

That was it.

I gave him a row in the middle of the gym.

I explained in no uncertain terms that he has to get there earlier and he has to follow protocol it’s too dangerous if he doesn’t….plus it would be negligent of me not too, so I wouldn’t be insured.

He was a bit sheepish for the rest of the session and he hasn’t been back since, and hasn’t phoned.

Usually a sign, he won’t be back.

He is cutting his nose off to spite his face because he really needs the exercise.

I explained he has to do the same as the other guys in the group, he is no different.

Rich “Rules is Rules” Clarke

PS – I’m fully booked at the minute but if you want you can fill out a form and go on the list and you will be first to start when space becomes available.



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