How Michelle Lost 56lbs in 12 Weeks

Michelle Powell loses 56lbs and gets fitter in 12 weeks using my “Vitality” Programme.  She writes:
“When I decided to give Richard’s program a try I was the heaviest, most unfit and unhappiest that I had ever been. I had numerous health issues and lived on copious quantities of painkillers.
12 weeks later I am 4 stone lighter, fitter than I’ve been in a long time and off all my medication. My family and I eat healthy, delicious meals and I’ve had so much encouragement and support from the team and other members that its been enjoyable and fun.
I’m continuing my fitness and weight loss journey with this fantastic group and am happier than I’ve been in years!”
Well done Michelle.
Its a truly amazing result.  And, as I pointed out a few days ago when we released a big batch of other results, Michelle is our biggest loser during the 12 week plan.
To get results like Michelle, you may want to try the “Vitality” Programme for yourself.  Its designed to help over 40s and 50s get back into amazing shape.
But to be clear, not everyone gets results like Michelle.
*Average* weight loss during the12 weeks is 1-2 stone or dress sizes, which usually would mean someone still had a few treats and maybe a regular drink/night out.  But some of our more dedicated members, who can stick to the plan closer, lose MUCH more.
If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can get all the details click here:
We have 7 places left to start in the first two weeks in January.
Richard Clarke

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