I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Tell You Sooner

Sometimes I presume people know stuff, and you know what they say about that – presumption is the mother of all f*** ups…

…and I have made a big one. Lemme explain…

Last Monday I was talking to the girls who have just joined one of my new group programmes.

The group is there to teach exercise primarily but I would never train anyone without at least informing them of the basics of diet in relation to exercise.

So there we were at the end of the session having a chat about food/diet/weight loss etc.

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Whilst chatting away, something became very clear I realised that despite these girls reading my weekly email’s for some time, they still didn’t really have a clue about their eating.

This can mean one of two things:

1. Either they are not really reading or have not got round to taking action on the info I send


2. I’m not being clear enough

Either way today I’m going to take things back to the start and tell you the basics of my whole nutritional approach.

My presumption led to me not covering something that’s really bleedin important. The PALEO diet.

I can’t believe I haven’t really spoken to you about the Paleo approach to nutrition, but in a nutshell, I use variations of Paleo to help people. My mistake.

My main message with nutrition is always – get the basics right – which is just healthy eating.

Which is still good advice, and most people don’t need any special diets or more information than that, they really do just need to cut out the crap (bad foods and booze) and stop being over indulgent and greedy.

But once people have done “stage one” as I call it.

They are, excuse the pun, hungry for more information.

So this is the next stage in the information process.

It’s called the Paleo diet – a.ka. the cave man diet.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

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The further away we have come from what cavemen ate and even what people ate 100 years ago, the fatter and unhealthier we have become.

It’s basic.

Cave men/women would of only had access to very limited food

It’s a low carb/high protein approach.

Here is the summary for you to print out and stick on your fridge.



Meat, Poultry & Fish

(including organ meats and put bone broth in soup)


(wheat, cereals, rye, corn, rice, quinoa)



(beans, soy, lentils, peanuts)

                  Vegetables                                                                       (lots of greens and raw veg/salad! No roots for weight loss)


(for at least the first 30 days, then small amounts of live yoghurt, butter and hard cheese after, if desired)

                    Fruit                                                                                     (1-2 pieces a day for weight loss goals)

Vegetable & Industrial Seed Oils

(sunflower, vegetable oil, soybean)

Fermented Foods

(sauerkraut, vinegar, miso, tempeh, bio yoghurt)

Processed & Artificial Sweeteners

Healthy Fats

(butter, coconut oil, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, duck fat, lard, dripping)

Processed Food

(most packaged food)

Spices & Herbs

Preservatives & Additives

(basically any ingredient that you don’t recognise as food)

Nuts & Seeds

(in moderation)

Potato and sweet potato’s (none for first two weeks, then none/low/moderate intake depending on body fat levels and goals) 

Natural Sweeteners

(honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar)

Of course this is the simple version, many people need adjustments and tweaks and IDEAS to make it “fit” their life/body, and that’s where I come in.

But this is the gist of what you need to do.

Take care,

Rich “it’s all a way of life” Clarke

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