Can We Trust Them?

My Dad calls them lying bastards (LB) and I think he is not far off.

David Castillo Dominici

The LB in question are PURPOSELY giving out misleading information.

Today I want to share a few examples of the DECEIT and LIES being told by our own government and Diabetes UK.

There are two main areas of interest today, carbohydrates for diabetics and carbohydrates for the rest of us.

I have spoken about diabetes before, and said how the people at the top are getting it wrong – BIG TIME.

See the thing is, organisations like diabetes UK and NHS recommend a diet which is totally unsuitable for diabetics.

They recommend up to 14 portions of starchy carbs a day which for non diabetics is too much, but for a diabetic it’s just crazy.

This advice will make diabetics worse.

Diabetics needs low carb not lots of carbs. A low carb diet was actually the treatment given back in the day.

That leads me onto the next controversial story I have spotted. It’s about an NHS article Called – The Truth About Carbs which seems like it is anything but.

I will save you the time, basically the very biased article says….yes you guessed it – carbs are good and you shouldn’t leave them out.


The NHS choices website is so far off the mark when it comes to carbs it’s embarrassing (a herbal life sales person knows more than them n that’s sayin something aye).

They seem totally unwilling to admit there is any problem with the overconsumption of carbohydrate based foods.

It seems, to me at least, that the NHS and Diabetes UK are always coming down on the wrong side of the argument.

It’s impossible to change the government stance on things or at least I thought it was.

But now I’m not so sure, our very own super hero – Dr Briffa (I’m still in training ;-)) is single handedly challenging them and hopefully making them so uncomfortable with what they are telling the public – they have no real choice but to change.

He writes letters to the person who is in charge, he asks them why they have given such inaccurate and incorrect advice to US, the general public.

Their responses are usually poor and they dig themselves into an even deeper hole – some are even dismissive and arrogant.

The suppliers of the information who are meant to protect and help us are LB. With this sort of thing, it leaves a feeling of a lack of trust.

I think we should all have a healthy cynicism toward the government and organisations like diabetes UK, and we certainly shouldn’t believe everything they tell us.

It seems that for now you can’t rely on them to give impartial advice to allow us to be healthy.

Why would they do this? I’m not sure really…but…

– Maybe because saying carbs are “bad” would have legal implications.

– If everyone goes on a low carb diet, businesses and the food chain will be affected.

– They can prescribe more drugs and medication if people are unhealthy.

Make of it what you want and decide who you want to believe.

I know what I think, LB 😉

PS If you want to listen to a SPECIAL DIABETES episode of the podcast click here.

We discuss diabetes and the best approach for weight loss, carbohydrates role, plus share what is going on in the UK and in America with diabetes plus much more on the subject.


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