Is It A Status Symbol?

We are not meant to care what other people think.

But we do.

Some people are pre concerned with how they look and how they are seen by others.

Inside us all is a narcissistic side which just wants to be liked, famous, well known renowned or accepted whatever.

Apparently that’s why Facebook is so popular it plays to this very human, psychological trait.

People want to feel important.

People want to stand out.

They want to show their success.

And without them having to say anything.

Serge Bertasius

They use status symbols to do it.

A status symbol is defined as a visible sign of ones social position and acts as an indicator of economic or social status.

In the 1980’s status symbols were things like BMW’s, big houses and a tan from a recent trip to Spain or alike.

They were things accessible only by the minority of people.

Over time these desirable things have become more accessible and do not represent what they once did.

In fact big cars, houses and holidays mean little when lots of people:

-Can borrow loads of money
-Have things like flash cars on credit
-Have more money than ever before
-Have a higher standard of living than 20 years ago.

That said some modern status symbols seem to be a Range Rover, a pair of new boobs, an iPad or going on an exotic holiday.

It could be said that if you are over concerned about these things it usually means you are living your life for others and not yourself but hey we are only human, and most people do it in some way.

But if you are that way inclined, a good status symbol to have is something not many people can obtain.

It seems, to me at least, that one of the most desirable status symbols you can have in today’s world is being in good health and having a spring in your step/lead in your pencil.

Especially in a world where people are unhealthy unhappy, tired, and overweight.

Health and vitality are far more difficult to “obtain” and can say lots about a person.

As some people get successful they also get fat and unhealthy, I have seen it loads of times more money means more food and decadence for some.

Stuart Miles

Smart cookies who get successful spend their time and money on personal development (an investment) and not expensive clothes, foods and drinks (a liability).

People who are fit and healthy have:

Done the hard work.

For long periods of time.

Been dedicated and disciplined.

These are admirable things in a person.

They are solid values.

And they are RARE in today’s world where most of us do bugger all and consume everything in excess.

Being fit and healthy makes you stand out like a fart in a lift.

You are in the minority.

Plus it isn’t accessible just because you have the cash. (which kinda makes it more desirable)

It takes time, dedication and more effort than most are willing to give.

That’s why I think being in shape and healthy are the MUST HAVE status symbols in today’s world.

Rich “health is real wealth” Clarke

PS – In this weeks radio show we discuss:

– Do you have to do cardio to get lean?
– Are there any exercises you can do in the gym, from a lady who has broken her wrist and is in a cast?
– Do you have any experience with Nootropics or smart drugs?
And more.


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