Spending Money Hurts

That’s what someone said to me.

And I guess he was right. And wrong.

I don’t mind talking about money. In fact I like it.

It can just be a matter of personal choice, what people value and hold close to their heart.

Even the tightest and poorest of people BURN money on some things.

And then regard other things as “expensive”.

I have been in the position where I haven’t had the money for my mortgage, with it due out tomorrow.

But I still found money to go out.

I was terrible with money.

And it was all my fault.

I liked the good life and never looked very far ahead.

I spent everything I had, and more.

Being skint hurts.

That’s why the guy who said “spending money hurts”, said what he said.

Because it does.

Especially when you don’t have much.

But after chatting to him, guess what he likes to spend any “spare” money on?

-Expensive wine

-Toy cars

He would think nothing about paying £50+ for a nice bottle of red and regularly drinks decent wine at home.

He also has a collection of these little toy cars.

He has paid hundreds of pounds on just one little car.

The guys perspective was that the wine and the cars were an investment, so it didn’t hurt so much.

He explained that he expected to make a return from them both, one day.

You see he buys 6 bottles of wine, keeps half which increase in price, and drinks half.

So the ones he sells cover the cost of the ones he drinks, or something like that.

And with the cars, he just buys them and keeps them in the hope they will be worth a lot one day.

But when he knew the price of my training and nutrition programmes he didn’t see the value.

He said “that’s expensive?

I said “compared to what?

He said “compared to the average.

I told him I’m definitely not average 😉

And that my programmes represent an investment just like his wine and toy cars.

I said:

investing in your health can make you hundreds of thousands of pounds more than wine and toy cars will ever make you

How?” He said

I said:

Saving money and making money are the same”.

He was suddenly more interested.

And we had a little chat about the cost of being ill and the return on investment from being healthy.

I explained…

*Fitter, healthier people make more money, get more promotions and make more sales, than the unfit and unhealthy version of themselves.

*Time/£ lost from work/lost business revenue due to ill health (my dad got ill and had to close a good business costing him loadsa money over the years)

*The cost of medical care if you decide to go private even if it’s just for physiotherapy for your stiff back

*Added insurance costs and limitations on travelling

*Adaptions to your home such as stair lifts and showers cost a fortune

*Care homes cost £30k upwards a year, more for a good one. In 5 years that’s £150K plus GONE.

He kinda saw my point a said he had

never thought of it like that before

So the message today is spending money or wasting money does hurt, but if you invest money, you will hopefully get a return and it will feel good.

Rich “investment minded” Clarke

PS – Check out this testimonial from Liz, I have been waiting for it to be ready for a while.

Liz had trouble sleeping and was very stressed.

It’s a great story, I will tell you more about it I’m sure.

But for now have a listen to what Liz has to say:


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