My 3 Positive Remedies for My 3 Negative Enemies

  1. Exercise
  2.  Deep Massage
  3.  Good Food

In recent years there has been a large shift towards health; locally I have seen the use of personal fitness trainers in Swansea, sports massage therapy in Swansea, boot camp courses in Swansea sky rocket.  But as with everything as the quantity increases so the quality changes – at the good and the bad end.

In modern society today, well in Swansea and Wales anyway, I feel there is a disease, it seems that many people are “not happy” about something or other, the “negativity” disease is eating away at people and turning our society into a glum place to live.  If we were to discuss the reasons “why?” we would run this article into a lengthy report, however for what its worth I will throw my “reasons I think our society is negative”. 1.  TV/Media (and the stuff they report). 2. Additives and Preservatives in foods and Alcohol, (research has suggested that they make people grumpy! That’s a surprise…).  3.  Lack of physical activity by the majority of people.  

Now I am far from perfect and I slip into the negative from time to time but I feel that I’m positive mostly or at least neutral.  This has not always been the case.  I have been a lazy teenager, a negative student, a stressed out multiple business owner and now I am a husband and a dad to boot- enough said!  Through these times I have been in terrible shape and I have been in great shape and back again.

The three common denominators and my “remedies to the enemies” were simple.  When my life got busy my exercise, sports massage, and good sports nutrition went out of the window.  Every time I re-introduced the “remedies”, after 3 months I felt great and after 6 months I was on a roll (again). I would put myself through a boot camp of my own if you like. 

So my advice to you if you needed to get into shape is, allow yourself 6 months to do it slowly, stop watching tv and start reading books, cut out the crap food and introduce the healthy stuff (it’s the only way if you want results), and get physical.

I’m very fortunate that my work involves all three of my pillars for success, personal training and boot camps in Swansea, nutritional coaching and sports massage in Swansea.  Even then I can get too busy and I put myself to the bottom of the “priorities list”, but remember this if you want to relax and your “too tired” to go and exercise, you can do other things than intense fitness, go for a long walk if you are too tired to actually train at the gym or a class.  This will help you to relax afterwards and it keeps you fairly active at the same time.

“If you sit on your arse too long it will grow” (anon)


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