How To Overcome Saboteurs

We are into month two now hopefully we are all starting to find some sort of rhythm and also actually starting to enjoy exercise and look forward to it. In month one we discussed environmental screening and explored some of the negative influences in your life which can stop you from exercising and therefore decrease your chances of being fit and healthy. So you should now be not listening too much to all of these magazines with their brand new diets and you should be tuning your minds to the right things (I think you are by reading this article) rather than hours upon hours of TV. So this is all positive … What next?

This is just a quick message to discuss something a bit more serious and difficult for some people. This is the role that the people close to you have in achieving your targets.

You’ve got to ask yourself are your family and friends helping you achieve your goals or helping you miss our goals and targets? If you are hearing comments such as ‘One won’t hurt’, ‘Why Bother’, ‘No it’s too late’ sadly mean that some people are having or attempting to have a negative effect on your progress.

This is a difficult issue; obviously nothing too drastic has to happen. As discussed in the article ‘Steps from sedentary lifestyle to exercise’ as you successfully pass through your exercise program the ability to fight off negative influences are easier due to your high levels of motivation. In the early stages this is more difficult especially as it is coming from your husband/wife potentially. The positives from exercising can’t be questioned so you need to remember this and even tell your friends/family so it can have a positive effect on them as well.

Other friends can do the same, some help you and encourage you to carry on the good work, and others poke fun, ridicule, question and even encourage you to break your diet or lifestyle commitments ….yes we all know them – energy vampires I call them! beware….

So the advice is start to remove yourself from the grasp of energy vampires and move towards more positive and supportive people. Try and get more ENERGISERS rather than ENERGY DRAINERS in your life. People who you exercise with and members of staff at the gym or at boot camp are in a similar position to you, so why not help each other out! Associate yourself with likeminded people and it can help you to succeed. Try and minimise contact with these negative people and surround yourself with people who stimulate you. Obviously these people are always going to be in your life, we all know them but you need to build strong pesonal boundaries … it is important that your positive state is strong enough to overcome other peoples negative state.

So remember be strong, gain control and keep up the good work.



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