One In One Out

I have been promising you this for a couple of weeks
Its the article I did for the Western Mail. 
It was a page and a half, I was pretty chuffed, the link is below for that
(and my mam and dad are dead proud).
They published it in the paper last Monday. 
Now, just for the record I don’t write about this stuff to boost my ego, its big enough already ;-).
I do all this stuff to try to spread the word on some basic health stuff, so not as many people have to feel and look like shit.
BUT that said I do feel like a bit of a bragger, last week I was banging on about the podcast being at no1 on iTunes (momentarily) and now this, but honestly I’m really not trying to show off.
I don’t even get paid to write the articles, its all done for free.
Let me explain something….
In my profession, this kinda stuff helps show people who you are and what you’re like as a person, if you know your stuff and ultimately if they want to listen to what you have got to say.
Its kinda like an audition, a period of getting to know each other.  
After all why would you take my word for it that I’m the bees knees at what I do anyone can say anything they want about themselves, it means nothing. (especially with the internet, I see so many self proclaimed experts, who have no experience)
So as a professional I constantly have to “prove myself” to be what I say I am so I write articles and record podcasts to demonstrate my knowledge (or lack there of ;-( ).
If the Western Mail publishes something I write its someone other than me or my mum saying my stuff is good, and its usually free advertising for the blog too.
Does the phone ring off the hook with new customers every time I have an article in? No
As a result of all that “showing off that I’m the best” and all that jazz, plus 18 years in the trenches I’m pretty much fully booked, I have reached full capacity.
All being well I have two new clients starting in the next week or so and I’m closing the doors on my application only personal training and nutrition programmes.
From then on its one in one out.  And if you leave you will have to re-join the waiting list.

But because of this limited availability, I’m coming up with a few new ideas so I can help more people.
In a few years I’m opening a propa posh gym in Swansea, but until then I have a little private gym in Birchgrove just off the M4.
It hardly gets used during the daytimes and on weekends I use three different venues so I’m not always there.
So one idea I had was to – offer private gym membership.  
I am going to start with offering 10 gym memberships and see how it goes.
It will be £100 joining fee which will cover you for your induction and the first month membership.  
Then it will £50 per month thereafter.  
You will get your own key and a code to get in, and can book your sessions via text 24hrs notice.
For each member I will design your programme for you and you will do the sessions up at the gym by yourself.  
You will also get access to the online nutrition programme which has lots of meal plans and everything you need to lose weight (except the willpower).
Its not for everyone, you need to kinda know what your doing and have done some training in the past 
as you will be more or less training on your own.  I will just be overseeing things as it were.
If you want to apply for a gym membership or have any questions, just hit reply and ask away.
This is a great opportunity to work with me for a very small investment.
This weeks podcast discusses – Testosterone, Estrogen, Anabolic Steroids, Nutritional Timing, The Best Time To Exercise, Anxiety, Sleep problems, Caffeine.
Until tomorrow, take care,
PS – Here is the full article from the Western Mail and a pic of it in the paper too.

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