A Turkey’s Not Gonna Fit In That Dress

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People are talking about it.

It’s less than 10 weeks to go.

Xmas, love it or hate it, its coming.

I personally love it and enjoy a nice long break over the festive period.

The trouble is some of us are at our HEAVIEST during the autumn and winter months.

It’s natural.

Then the majority of you will have time off work and a few more social gatherings than normal.

You will have to dress up n all that.

You may well feel like “you are on show”.

Having to make the effort to look your best.

People worry about these things.

Over the last month, several of my concerned female clients have set little targets to be in better shape by xmas.

We had individual chats, went through their challenges, and came up with a plan for them to get ready for xmas.

They have now adjusted their sails accordingly and know what they need to do to get into that little, or not so little – black dress ;-).

During the same time, some people have and will continue to inadvertently fatten themselves up – JUST like the farmers are doing to the turkeys this time of year.

Today I just wanted to remind you that there is still enough time to drop at least a dress size (if not two) by the Xmas party season.

Unless that is, you are fattening yourself up like a turkey and going for the magic knickers option, in that case, you are all sorted as you don’t need to do a thing.

For everyone else…I have an offer for you.

If you are motivated to drop weight by xmas (and realise doing it on your own is much harder than with the help of an expert).


If you are STUCK with something and need help getting unstuck.

This is the offer…

My training programme is full from now up until December, and you can’t actually work with me until then.

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However, you can have a chat with me to make a plan, just like my clients have.

I have decided I can offer people the chance to get on the phone with me (a SKYPE call) and discuss the best way you can drop a dress/neck size (or two) before xmas.

On the call we will go through what you currently eat and come up with a plan to sort things out.

-Not starving yourself
-Delicious meals
-No exercise (unless you want to)

So, here’s the deal.

As you know my time, like yours, is valuable. That’s why I charge upwards of £75 per hour.

AND I don’t normally work with people unless they commit for at least 12 weeks.

So to be fair to people who pay full whack for this service and COMMIT I can’t, and won’t, discount my rates.

But I can do something which works a treat.

For a one off payment of £39, you will be able to get on a coaching call with me and pick my brain for 30 minutes.

Plus you will get a recording of the call to listen back over what we discuss.

This is probably not for most of you, but if you think you are worth the investment, I have 10 spaces available for this.

You can pay here.

Rich “a turkey is not gonna fit into that dress” Clarke

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