Like Sloths On Valium

Have you seen this? she said

One of my clients sent me a link to a daily mail article.

I get that a lot, people send me stuff and it helps me keep up to date.

This particular article was about a piece of research about BRITISH people.

It said that we are THE WORST in the Western world for inactivity and lack of exercise.

Worse than the Americans.


We are like a nation of sloths on valium.

Not exercising is now deemed more dangerous than smoking.

The research suggests that 1 in every 6 people who DIE In the UK, die because they do no exercise whatsoever.

One of the big things they blame for the lack of exercise is TV (the other is our demanding office jobs).

Gyms have even tried to help by putting TV’s on the exercise machines.

You can’t blame people though, some of the TV shows on are pretty captivating have you seen breaking bad? that’s some great TV.

I have a weakness for a episode or 3 of my favourite programme, which at the minute is a show called Suits.

Officials from Public Health England warned that our sedentary lifestyles cause obesity and are directly responsible for a vast range of illnesses.

The report also said that 63% of British adults do not take the recommended 2.5hrs a week of exercise.

(in the Netherlands for example only 18% of people fall into that category)

Exercise is a powerful remedy for many illnesses, especially weight training when done correctly.

One “expert” said “if it were a drug we’d be hailing it as a miracle cure” no shit sherlock, I have been saying that for years.

I see it like this.

We have a big problem with the lack of people exercising.

Exercise is viewed as painful and uncomfortable.

Physically painful and uncomfortable.

Mentally painful and uncomfortable.

Then there are gyms – only adding to the problem – very intimidating and not a great place for beginners.

People are put off.

So by the looks of it, they end up not exercising at all.

So it’s fair to say for starters we need to remove some of the pain and intimidation associated with exercise.

This figure of 2.5 hrs a week is off-putting and that’s not what I do with my clients.

It’s about quality not quantity.

You have to do the right type of exercises at the right intensity.

The days of doing three or four hours a week in the gym have gone if you ask me.

People just don’t have the time.

People don’t want to do it.

And the good news is people don’t have to do it.

30-60 minutes is enough exercise.

30 mins to maintain, 60 mins per week to progress – if you do it properly.

If you are one of the 63% and are not exercising currently, my advice is to try this approach instead.

1. See your doctor if you have any health issues.

2. Establish a routine for 12 weeks by exercising once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Try doing something basic like walking, swimming or cycling to start.

3. Then add a second session of similar duration and intensity to the first.

4. Once you are a little fitter, if you want to get the most out of the time invested seek the help of an exercise specialist.

5. Maintain this 30-60 mins a week for the long term.

Small steps are the way forward, especially if you have trouble finding the motivation to do anything at all.

Good luck,

Rich “do less not more” Clarke

PS – if you missed the chance to “pick my brain” last week I’m very sorry, but remember you can always submit a question to the podcast.

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