People Are Talking About Us

We seem to have created quite an impact, people are saying some nice stuff about the new radio show.
I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported the podcast, we hit no1 on iTunes the other day.
I think we were only there for a day, but it was still a pretty cool achievement.
Over 50% of you are now listening on a regular basis, and the questions are coming in thick an


d fast.

This email is for those of you who haven’t had the time to check it out yet.
I understand, you’re busy.
Im pretty busy too but I listen to podcasts (not my own of course ;-)) while I’m driving I find it a good use of time.
Give it a try its not technical at all and if you have any problems I’m always here to help you.
I know some of you are not so computer savvy, but you don’t need to be.
If you can receive these emails you can listen to the podcast, its just a click of a button.
In case you’re still not convinced, read what people are saying about the show.
Excellent Stuff
Great Information, content and presentation.. I’m looking forward to more soon!
Matthew Eynon
Great Podcast
Between Rich & Mark’s experience and knowledge this is easily the most useful, informative and interesting podcasts I’ve listened to.
Top Podcast
Great insightful information, to not just get you thinking but to start taking action. Top job ..
It’s This Podcast You Need In Your Life
As the title states, these podcasts are excellent tools to assist with knowledge development around your health, regaining focus and helping you take ownership of your body and what you put it through! A** Can’t recommend them highly enough.
Great podcast on health and well being issues. Very informative and gives confidence to the listener to challenge some outdated advice that the majority of gps hand out when talking about health and well being issues. Look forward to more of the same.
Brilliant Show
Thoroughly enjoy listening to the show and I’ve found every episode interesting.
Big fan of all the new and varied guests you have on the show and it’s refreshing to hear about an alternative way of getting healthy rather than just medication, medication, medication.
Keep up the good work!
Fills A Well Needed Gap
I’ve listened to all the episodes but I did particularly enjoy the last one with the legend that is Dr Briffa and the 2nd one addressing atrial fibrillation.
Both Rich and Mark’s contribution to our knowledge of health and well being is much appreciated. I love the diverse array of topics and also there’s a great variety of guests. Applied knowledge is power and if you apply the knowledge gained from these podcasts, you’ll be safely on the path to health, fitness and vitality. Cheers guys!
Excellent Podcast
I’ve enjoyed all the podcasts so far, very informative and well presented.
Herbie Peters
Join The Health Revolution
Another fantastic, inspiring, show with special guest, the pioneering Dr John Briffa.
I think that it is becoming clear that mainstream general practice medicine can not keep pace with the sharing of information that we all experience these days. Embracing new ideas & over throwing long assumed causes & cures for ill health is shared on this podcast. Get onboard. Get healthier 😉
Rob Strevz
Just discovered you today and listened to every podcast back to back. Very impressed. More please! No idea why you say it’s for over 40s though. I think it’s for everybody!
UK Answer To The Paleo Solution Podcast
Low in sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats and is natural and unprocessed. WARNING: This podcast can seriously improve your health through smart exercise and simple dietary choices.
Tibbsy Boy
So if you want to listen to this weeks show, or any of the previous shows
(we have done 15 now) grab a hot drink, cwtch in and head on over by here 😉  
Until next week, take care
PS – I don’t really have anything to put down here but apparently this is the most read part of an email, so here is the link to our super cool radio show again.

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