An Open Invitation To Unsubscribe‏

Ok my feathered friend, at the end of this message I’m going to invite you to opt out of receiving my emails.

I don’t have time to eat properly let alone follow your diet plan”.

…Is the message which prompted today’s email.

It was from someone who decided they didn’t want to be a part of my training & nutrition programme anymore.
(which I have no problem with by the way, it’s not for everyone)

Lets get this straight though, this hasn’t made me angry…

I DO understand, we are all busy…I “get it”. I REALLY do.


But it made me sad to hear this.

Really sad.

Not because they left, but because of the “story” they told to try and convince me and themselves that they couldn’t do it anymore.

Trying to justify their lack of time to themselves is total BULLSHIT.  (people WANT to think they CAN’T do something, it’s the easy way out).

This person has more than enough time, we all do.
(even the busiest people in the world MAKE time for health)

Plus the nutrition plan only takes 15-20 mins prep a day which you can even do at the same time you are cooking dinner
– so it takes no extra time than what your doing already.

Ok so lets say EVEN if you ARE too busy to do it….

…not having enough time to eat? <<<< IT’S INSANE

^^^When the hell does that madness stop?^^^

When your body starts to pack up?

When you get CANCER? (<——I have seen that a few times a visit from the grim reaper JOLTING people into a lifestyle change)

When your partner leaves you because you’re never around?

How the hell do you get off that TREADMILL and look after yourself?

Lets get this part straight…once and for all.

Mastering your eating, weight and fitness is the only thing which will set you FREE from the effects of the treadmill of life.

Mastering your eating, weight and fitness is the only thing that will reduce the HATE you have for you arse, legs arms and tummy.


Mastering your eating, weight and fitness is the only thing which will help you feel confident about your body again.

Spurning my advice is the same as spurning the freedom and vitality that the “new improved you” will have once you have cracked it and can get on with the rest of your life.

How do you expect to do well in life if you’re not looking after your own health and fitness?

And why the hell are you reading my emails?

Here’s the invitation:

If you are one of those know-it-alls that thinks they know everything about dieting, weight loss and fitness after reading a few emails – UNSUBSCRIBE.

I have been doing this for nearly 20 years, I’m responsible for over 60 peoples diets and health programmes and I STILL study it every day.

If you are “too busy to eat” but are happy putting in 14hrs a day at work, eating crap, boozing too much and slowly killing yourself – UNSUBSCRIBE.

If you’re happy with spending more on alcohol, chocolate, takeaways and eating out each week than you do on your health – UNSUBSCRIBE.

And of course…if you are offended, upset or pissed off at anything I have said in this email – PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE.

The link is at the bottom of this email.

For everyone else…

You are in for one hell of a ride later this year.

Strap yourself in tight because I’m going full throttle.

Rich “leave the door open on your way out” Clarke

PS – yes I’m very passionate about helping save people from themselves using good nutrition and exercise but not at the expense of their families, jobs or income.

I’m just here to call people out on their BULLSHIT, and show them how they CAN fit it all in.

Here is that unsubscribe link, good luck sweet cheeks, you are gonna need it.


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