She Looks (and feels) A Different Person‏

One week on holiday eating badly and one of my clients said

David Castillo Dominici

“God I look my age” (21 of course!)

She went on (you know how women go on…;-))

“Apart from my tummy feeling bloated”

“My skin feels terrible”

“My eyes are dark”

“I look pale”

AND of course “I have put on weight” (she later found out she had put on 6lbs in a week)

One week of her healthy routine later.

And she is back “glowing”.

She said imagine doing that every week.

And predictably I said “that’s how some people live”.

It seems to me, that some people live like they are on holiday – all the bloody time.

Breakfast is a treat
Lunch is a treat
Evening meal is a treat

Every meal is a “restaurant” meal.

Some people eat out THREE times a day.

They say it’s easier than cooking at home. (of course it’s easier, can’t argue with that)

Food is the most powerful POISON in the world.

The stuff which lead my client to feel awful was:

-No exercise


The stuff which brought her back into balance and made her GLOW again was:

-No sugar
-No alcohol
-No crisps
-Intermittent Fasting
-A couple of training sessions
-Lots of green vegetables and proteins

Of course that’s all easier said than done – it’s what I teach on my programmes especially if you are a bit naughty with your food from time to time, like me and most of my clients.

If you want me to teach you all this stuff, you will need to apply for a place.

If you’re “sitting on the fence” or “waiting for the right time” I have something for you.

What I’m gonna do for the next 7 DAYS is offer you the chance to speak with me on the phone to discuss your situation and then decide if what I do is gonna work for you – or not as the case may be.

You will still need to complete this form though.


Rich “decision time” Clarke

PS – My one to one training is full at the moment, so sorry if you are waiting for that. But I do have 3 spots in my group training programmes.

-One at 7.05pm on a Monday.
-Two at 7.40pm on a Monday.
-It costs £120 for 12 sessions.

PPS – No podcast this week coz of the event check out the 42 episodes we have already done if your looking to learn something new.


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