EP43 – Q & A – Eating Habits, Insulin, Degenerative Discs, High Protein Diet, Red Wine, Gluten Free Oats, GP Nutritional Advice, Coke Life, Statins, High Cholesterol, Healthy Eating On A Low Budget, Plant Based Diet, Acid Reflux, Goal Setting.

A very special question and answer session hosted by Richard Clarke and Dr Mark Daniels. Mark and Richard answer the questions you have been sending into the show from their special event in front of a live audience.

In this quick fire Q & A Rich and Dr Mark answer as many of the questions that were sent in from the audience such as; Is it better to eat little and often or 3 set meals? (1:18), can a degenerative disc in the lower back repair through a healthy diet and exercise? (3:42), is a high protein diet healthy? (5:20), do you need to replace carbohydrate stores immediately after exercise? (7:37), is red wine good or bad for you? (7:52), are gluten free oats okay to eat? (8:48), what is being done to improve GPs education on diet and nutrition? (9:53), how can you improve your diet if you don’t like fruit or veg? (11:00), is the new coke life drink better for you? (12:53) and why does research suggest carrying a weight reduces people’s risk of suffering from a heart attack as opposed to if they weren’t carrying weights? (14:17).

Other questions include; what type of exercises can you do if you have a colostomy bag? (15:32), can you take an omega 3 supplement alongside a statin? (16:42), on a weekly basis what good foods would buy during your food shop with a low budget? (18:35), what do you think about the plant based study from the China study? (20:52), would you advise decreasing fruit intake for inflammatory diseases such as eczema? (22:36), what foods would you recommend for an endurance athlete if carbohydrates make us fat? (24:15), would you treat a morbidly obese patient with drugs for their high fat level? (25:15), does the nutritional advice in schools and college need to be changed to reflect new research and findings? (25:53), the best ways to treat acid reflux (29:05), how much exercise should 16 year olds do? (31:44) and finally do too many people set too difficult goals with regards to diet and exercise? (32:48).

Remember if you have a question that you want answered by Richard and Mark then email the address in the show notes below.

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Show Notes

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