She Was Having A Fat Ugly Day

While writing this, I have felt like I was walking through a minefield.
I wasn’t sure I should send this email for fear of a backlash.
I have been taught not to mention these subjects.
But I can’t be a wimp and shy away from the sensitive stuff right?
I even had to run it by my wife first, after all she is who most of my “female experience” is based on.
But I will stick to my plan, so here goes…
Do you ever get “Fat ugly days”?
Days when you just feel fat and ugly and don’t want to leave the house?
My wife was having a fat and ugly day yesterday.
I told her to stay away from the windows so she doesn’t devalue the house (stole that one)
According to my wife it’s very common amongst women, especially at a certain time of the month.
(and some men too of course)
To be honest “fat ugly day” is not a term I had ever heard until a few years ago.
I first heard it from the comedian Micky Flanagan, my wife thought it was hilarious and said she could relate to feeling like that.
One thing I have learnt about women over the years no matter how good us men think they may look if they don’t feel good about themselves it doesn’t matter what we say.
What causes this to happen? Some ladies out there would say MEN.
Of course anything can make us feel like shit.  It’s usually a combination of factors.
Diet & Lifestyle
When a woman says she feels “fat n ugly” – sometimes – it can be down to their hormones.
Most of our hormones START to decline after the age of 35/40, and is when most problems occur.
Hormones affect our mood in a huge way.
I have worked with women who are pre & post menopause and women who suffer from PCOS and endometriosis.
Female hormones are very complex, and what I know is very little.
But for today I will tell you what I do know based on my experience.
Hormones are so powerful they can change our personality and even make us cry.
A specific hormone, which causes problems for women, is estrogen.
Estrogen naturally increases as women age because hormones called progesterone and testosterone naturally decrease.
This process is made worse by many things.
Its SO easy to increase your estrogen levels without even realising it.
We may be unwittingly increasing our levels by…..
Using personal products such as moisturising lotions, shampoos and soaps.
Taking the contraceptive pill
Eating sugar and junk food
Drinking excess alcohol
Taking marijuana
Eating/drinking/heating anything in plastic
High estrogen levels can have a knock on effect, and cause OTHER hormones to go further out of balance.
(estrogen dominance, men can suffer too btw)
At this point – usually when your on your knees – some doctors offer HRT, which I’m all for if its the right type for you. (my clients have had mixed results with HRT, some love it others no so much)
Estrogen has also been called the “evil” hormone because some symptoms of estrogen dominance are – anger and rage.
Other symptoms include increased body fat, lower libido, food cravings, fluid retention, depression, endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, headaches and sweats.

David Castillo Dominici
Body fat actually PRODUCES estrogen.
Stress produces estrogen.
Estrogen is a growth hormone and you will find it tough to lose weight when it’s flying around your body in such large quantities.
So what can be done to decrease it?
We can obviously decrease our estrogen levels by avoiding the things mentioned.
We can also reduce our estrogen levels by eating more green veg like kale and broccoli.
In this weeks podcast we discuss estrogen levels a bit and you can listen to that here.
If you want to have less days when you feel like shit or even feel “fat and ugly”…
REDUCE your estrogen levels naturally with these tips
Take care,
PS – Here is the clip of Micky Flanagan sharing his fat and ugly day story and his wisdom on women – it’s priceless!

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