Some People Take The Piss

This week is my first week back in work after being on holiday for 10 days.

We went down to stay at our caravan in West Wales.

It was bliss.


It overlooks the bay, and it’s really chilled out.

My Mum and Dad have a caravan next door to ours, if you have kids you know how nice that is.

The first weekend my sister was there with her kids and my brother was there too.

The good thing about having everyone there is the kids are happy because they have someone to play with and the parents are happy because, well, the kids are happy.

Being happy is what we all strive for isn’t it?

When I was on holiday, I had time to reflect on the previous 6-9 months.

On what’s good (there was lots)

And what’s not so good (there was some)

Time to think, what is best for me

I realised that certain things in my business were making me Happy.

But there were a few things making me UNHAPPY and really starting to piss me off if I’m totally honest.

I don’t want any sympathy, but working with “people” can be a challenge.

It only takes 1 person in every 10 clients to be a pain in the arse and it can spoil your entire “vibe” or take the edge off your positivity.

Some PEOPLE do my head in to be honest and I don’t think I have the patience for the bullshit that I used to. I think they call it growing up.

rakratchada torsap

Mostly it’s people who try to take advantage that piss me off the most.

I often have to tell people straight, it’s the best way (usually they thank me for my honesty, as they know it’s hard to do).

Who’s fault is all this though?

100% MINE.

I set the rules and I am sometimes too soft.

That’s why more or less every time I go on holiday I come back and change a few policies and procedures to further improve my business.

I usually change in response to someone taking advantage of my good nature.

People will take the piss if you let them.

Maybe this applies to you too?

Do people take advantage of your good nature?

Rich “saying it the way it is” Clarke

PS – The podcast was at its highest ever ranking on iTunes last week (since we hit no1 in the “new” category in February 2014) so thanks if you are one of the many listeners.

In this week’s podcast we discuss:
– The benefits of using the sauna and steam room
– What is the best thing to do if you feel an ulcer or a sore throat coming
– How juice plus compares to a green super food
– Is ibuprofen gel better than taking tablets?
And loads more of course.


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