Importance Of Not Rushing Back From Injury

Just a bit of quick advice for you if you are injured or for if you do experience an injury.

During an injury the main focus will always be returning to full fitness, it is critical not to rush the rehabilitation process just to get back to exercise as it can come back to haunt you in the long term. The focus will always be short term predominately, the short term being returning to exercise/sport, but you need to remember the long term, which is your health and future. This applies to all injuries whether you are out for a few weeks with a sprained ankle or if you are out for 6 months with a leg break.

If you have a proper recovery you will be able to return to your normal level without any pain, in a short period of time. You will also be less likely to reinjure the same part. If you rush back you may well be able to get back on the field or in the gym quicker but you are at a greater risk to get injured in the same place again, and it will probably be a worse injury. You also need to look a bit further down the line, if you don’t rehabilitate correctly it could affect your daily functioning, you could well have long term knee or ankle problems depending on the injury.

As you rehabilitate you need to take advice on board from doctors and coaches but it is also important how you feel. If you play sport and the coach is trying to rush you back for a big game, you need to think of the long term and decide whether you are 100% ready to potentially return, if you aren’t you could well be risking a lot.

Not rushing through your recovery doesn’t mean sitting around waiting to heal! You can still be as active as your body will allow you; you will gradually increase how much you do as you get stronger. Not rushing just means you allow the body enough time to heal and get stronger without taking any unnecessary risks.

You have got to ask yourself would you rather be fit in three months for a month and suffer from injuries for potentially the rest of your life! Or would you rather wait 5 months to be fit and lower the risk of re-injury for the rest of your life.

Yeah I know it sounds quite dramatic, you may be sitting there with a slight tear in your hamstring and I’m telling you about being injured for the rest of your life. I am just trying to stress the importance of your long term future and warning you of a worst case scenario. You’re a clever bunch so I know if you do get injured that you will take this advice on board.

Stay Healthy.


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