How To Avoid 5 Common Causes Of Injury

Hey Guys just a few quick words of advice related to injuries and a bit of help in avoiding them.

Injuries are commonplace in sport; in professional sport injury has prematurely ended many athletes career. At a recreational level injuries have a detrimental effect on subjects training program and ability to get the results they desire.

Here is a list of five intrinsic injury causes along with some advice to help overcome these:

Muscle imbalance, this intrinsic injury means that one muscle in an antagonistic pair is stronger than the other muscle. This is often seen in footballers, who have strong quadriceps muscles from extending the knee to kick a football, but their hamstrings muscles are not strong enough to put a break on the kicking action of the knee. So sometimes when playing football a player can over-kick so that their knee hyperextends and gets injured. At a recreational level men may work too much on their biceps and neglect theire biceps which can lead to injury.

In order to prevent these problems it is important that when exercising you work both muscles in the antagonist pair. Many people in spend a lot of time in the gym, it is important when exercising to build up all muscles in order to stop the imbalance e.g. leg extension for the quadriceps and leg curls for the hamstrings.

Postural defects, most people are born with a slight postural defect e.g. one foot bigger than the other, one leg longer than the other etc. However if there is a large difference between the two legs for example the person’s running technique will be affected which may place more stress on one side of the body, which would then make the person more likely to sustain injuries after long periods of exercising.

It is impossible to prevent postural defects but it is possible to prevent injuries caused by postural defects, you can do this by wearing the appropriate footwear which suits the activity and doesn’t cause stress on the body.

Poor technique, If a person is not using the correct methods for exercising, they are more likely to sustain a sports injury. For example, in the gym is a person continues to perform dead lifts/squatting/ bench press incorrectly they may be prone to injuries.

In order to help prevent injury from poor technique the only thing that you can do is to improve the technique which will therefore reduce undue stress on the body and help greatly in order to prevent injury. Advice from personal trainers, members of staff at boot camp will help to improve your technique.

Overuse, Anoveruse injury is caused because a sports persondoes not take time to recover after exercise. Every time we exercise we place our body under strain, which means the body has to repair itself afterwards. If a person does not allow their body to repair itself it will become weaker, until eventually parts of the body become injured.

In order to help prevent overuse injuries it is important to do a proper warm up which stretches all parts of the body that you are going to use in the exercise. A good way of preventing it also is to wear protective clothing e.g. padded footwear, ankle supports etc. This will help as it adds extra support to the ankles which all the stress will be put on by such activities like running and bounding.

Age, as a person gets older, their body eventually starts to become weaker and more prone to injuries. Therefore, the older you become, generally the more prone to injuries you are.

Obviously there is no way to prevent age but by staying fit and healthy and keeping your endurance and your muscle mass at a high level, injuries will be prevented.

So guys get out there and enjoy your exercise and fingers crossed stay injury free!


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