Training Program Example Sessions For Males

Hey Guys … Looking for maybe a bit more structure within your training programs or maybe just a few more ideas to add to your workout? What we have here is an example of two sessions including a few circuit training sessions, these sessions are designed predominately for a Male who trains at a high level. Obviously you don’t have to follow these exact sessions, every individual is different and people develop and improve at different levels. If you are looking to use this, adjust it accordingly and hopefully as your improve you can increase the intensity, distance etc.

Rest = 60 sec between sets and exercises, unless otherwise stated

Session One

20 min HIIT


Pull Ups x 15

Dumbbell Clean and Press x 15

Weighted walking lunge x 20 m

Press Ups x 15

Vertical Jumps x 10

Repeat X 3



Squats with stability ball x 20

Curtsey x 15 each leg

One Leg High Step up’s x 15 each leg


Session Two

20 min HIIT

Warm up:

Light Dumbbell Lateral and Rear Raise x 7 reps each

x 3 sets

30 sec rest between sets


SeatedArnoldpress x 15

Drop set with lighter weight

Followed by one armed dumbbell row and press to failure


Olympic Standing Shoulder Press x 15 – alternate in front and behind the neck

Drop set repeat with lighter bar – behind neck only

Med Ball Throw – one arm to failure



  • Vertical Jumps
  • Squats with stability ball – weight on one leg – PULSES x 10 – 5 levels
  • Curtsey x 10 right leg and 15 left
  • Walking Lunges
  • One Leg High Step up’s x 10 right leg and 15 left


Core Stability

  • Side Plank – 30 seconds each side
  • Side Plank Hip Drop x 10 each side
  • Front Plank on Ball – 60 sec
  • Front Plank with one Foot off the floor – alternate every 10 sec for 60 sec
  • Stability Ball Knee Lifts (in prone position, hands on floor, shins on ball)
  • Leg Raises x 20

Here are some other exercises and workouts which you can incorporate into your training programs to mix things up and to help you maintain motivation while you exercise by not performing the same exercises again and again:

Single Arm Single Leg
Dumbbell Press Curtsey
Tricep Press Lunge – back and front
Dumbbell High Pulls – seated or standing Hops – multi directional on one leg
Cable Work instead of any on the dumbbell exercises Hops – forward and backward
Rear Raises Hopping on spot
Lateral Raises Half Squat and Pulses – one inch up n down
Dumbbell Clean and press High Steps
Medicine Ball throws Leg Extensions (quad curl machine)
Dumbbell Upright row Glute Squeezes/Kickbacks
Seated Row Laying on side – Side Leg Lifts
Bent Over Row (dumbbell) Hamstring Curls

Start + Finish (30 secs each):


Backward Lunges,

Standing shoulder press (Regular or Arnold),

Squats (with medicine ball, back to wall),

Alternate squat thrusts x 2.

(Finish only)

Hamstring curls,

Leg cross overs (10 each side).


Circuit 1

Whole Body (20m each)


Wheel barrow,

Crab walk.


Circuit 2 (10 reps each)

Mountain climber 11 per side,

Power burpees (30secs),

Farmers walk (running with 10kg dumbbell over head approx 10m x 4 lengths),


Circuit 3


Pull ups (15 reps),

Hyperextensions (working from arms outstretched to arms by the side) (10reps each position),

Lying front raises (starfish hold as long as possible).


It is important that at the start you need to be getting used to the exercises you are performing, if you are a male and reading this but haven’t been exercising for that long try increasing the rest and reducing the reps. Obviously if it is too easy then full benefits won’t be felt, exercise to a level where you are comfortable but are still being tested at the start but increase difficulty with time. This will ensure great results and progress.

Good Luck and Stay Motivated


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