When PAIN Is Good

Ok campers, I am about the lay it out there. And before you jump to any conclusions I am not getting into any bondage or fetish stuff, but pain is good.

Let me explain – no holds barred.

Most people I know are too bloody comfortable.

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Eating themselves into a food coma every night.

Drinking their favourite coffee ten times a DAY.

Knocking back the booze like it’s happy hour in Magaluf.

Smoking weed or taking pain killers like they are Nick Cotton.

All these things SEDATE you.

They take away the worries and the stress.

When we are sedated we feel so much better.

But the problems we have do not go anywhere.

Most people struggle to change themselves.

They can’t change things like:

Shitty food choices

Watching over 20hrs of TV a week.

Going to the pub every night.

Never taking any exercise.

Or Whatever it may be for you.

Some people find changing themselves very hard, if not impossible.

People are more comfortable living a lie than they are facing up to the truth.

How do I know?

Because I’m a human and just like you I can be weak too.

We all know deep down it needs sorting out but we keep telling ourselves the same lies.

Lies like:

“It will be ok, I’m not as bad as they are”.

“I’m different, that won’t work for me”

“I can do it at a later date, I have lots of time”.

That’s all excuses and hot air if you ask me.

The lies make us feel comfortable.

Pain is what we need – pain is good.

If these people, who say they want something – like lose 10 stone – REALLY wanted it, they would do it.

I think it’s fair to say they don’t want “it” as much as they want to – drink, eat, smoke or whatever.

When you want to lose weight more than you want to eat crap food, then you will be ready to change.

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When you hate yourself, the way you look and the way you feel, only then will you be ready to change.

When you’re crying and hurting because you look in the mirror and don’t recognise the person looking back at you, then you will be ready for change.

When you feel ready for change it’s usually because you have had enough or you hate what you are doing to yourself.

People who have some sort of pain as motivation usually kick the most ass when they stick to a diet and do some exercise.

They have the FEAR and the PAIN driving them on.

When they have a weak moment and want a chocolate éclair or a joint they don’t succumb to temptation because they know the pain it causes them is just not worth it.

Rich “it’s just not worth it” Clarke

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