Drama Queens

Ok party people, a bit of a moan today.

I used to tell people…

“phone me anytime if you have a problem”

“I offer 24/7 support”

What a fool I was.

I was trying to help, but, as is often the case it came back to bite me on the ass.

I would get phone calls and text messages telling me how someone needed help with X or couldn’t stick to Y – which I’m more than happy to help with.

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The trouble was that SOME people wouldn’t contact me on a weekday or even an evening, their questions were always over the weekend, and often once they had a glass of wine inside them!

Plus if I didn’t respond or answer more or less immediately, some would start sending more messages…sometimes drunken and very RUDE. (not boobs and bums rude, but impolite rude).

Like it was some kind of emergency and it needed discussing on a Saturday night.

Funny that? So many Saturday night Emergencies.

Looking back I can see where I went wrong.

I left the door open for the drama queens to play up.

What I should of said.

Which is what I say now…

“I’m available during the weekdays if you have any sticking points and want to ask me a question, but….”

“…If you have an emergency DON’T phone me – PHONE 999!”

The way I see it is that I’m not dealing with anything more serious than healthy eating and a bit of exercise, so what’s the worst that could happen?

I’m not an emergency service.

What sort of emergency (that requires immediate help from me) can you have with exercise and food, that can’t wait?

Not one.

I’m pleased to say that I currently don’t have anyone I would call a drama queen but of course we all have our days.

Some people have REAL emergencies and problems, and they are still not as dramatic as these drama queens.

I have clients who are going through
-Spinal injury rehab
-Severe mental health problems
-Problems with their kids

That stuff puts life into perspective pretty bloody quickly.

Makes you realise what’s important and more importantly – WHAT’S NOT.

All of a sudden complaining you had no sleep last night or have a fat arse seems a bit trivial.

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These are “challenges” rather than problems.

There is no need for there to be any “drama” about these things.

Be a big boy/girl and get on with it or at least stop making a big fuss.

I’m very aware that letting any drama queens inside my business just sucks the life out of me.

Unlike my other clients who inspire me with their attitude to overcome problems.

They support each other.

They teach me how you can conduct yourself with dignity throughout these tough times.

We have a laugh (and sometimes a cry).

Of course we talk about our troubles and woes.

We get a sweat on and try to eat well.

But generally, like my clients and I, YOU should TRY to save your energy for the real drama’s in life, and there are enough of them as you know.

Rich “Dealing With Real Problems” Clarke

PS – This week’s podcast answers questions about:
– Why you need to eat carbs and protein after a workout?
– What are good quick meal ideas?
– What are the best ways to recover after an exercise session?
– Should you run through a niggling injury?
– How can you mix cardio exercise with weights?
– How much protein should you consume if you are trying to lose weight?
And more!


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