Why HIIT Training Is Stupid, and what to do instead

Every woman and her cat says to me:

“I’m eating well, and doing HIIT five times a week . . .”

Like its something to be proud of.

Their results vary from them either looking like something off love Island, or them getting chunky shoulders and arms and looking like something off Planet of the Apes.

What most people forget about fitness training, is that almost every workout you will see, is based on training for the MILITARY or ELITE ATHLETES.

Personally, I don’t agree with that approach.(It is one of the reasons why, at times, I actually am ashamed of the fitness industry, as many of the trainers are clueless, and are unwittingly doing their clients a disservice, by slamming them with high impact exercise.)

Most of my over 40 year olds don’t fit into either SOLDIER OR ATHLETE category. And lets say even if they did, a couple of problems I see specifically are:

#1. Too much HIIT stops weight loss, and promotes weight GAIN. (Unless you eat perfectly 100% of the time)

#2. Too much HITT for too long will have you walking like John Wayne and needing joint replacements.

The name kinda gives HIIT away.

High Intensity Interval Training. Lots of jumping around, slam dunking your knees and hips and working your shoulders until they pop.

In my opinion, if you’re not an athlete or a soldier, or a sports person, to serve you well, an exercise programme needs to:

*Save joints

*Save your heart

*Make losing and maintaining weight easier

*Help you a live a longer MORE active retirement

*Be balanced (so focuses on strength, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility, reaction times etc)

This approach is now, in part, being called LIIT by all the newly qualified, self appointed “fitness guru’s”. (It means – Low impact intensity training).

Its being touted about, like its something new.

Don’t fall for that.

It’s not new, my clients and I have been doing for over 20 years.

AND is what I confidently believe everyone, including athletes and the military, will be doing in the future, just because of the way it improves and PRESERVES the body, and still allows you to get really fit.

Yet another example of how I’m different.

And a demonstration of why I’m light years (or 20 years at least), ahead of most of the fitness industry.

To be light years ahead yourself, and learn my wicked, yet highly effective ways, and reach retirement in good nick, not knackered, go here and fill out a form:


Richard Clarke

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