Winners V Boozers

This may sting a little:

Boozers binge on alcohol every chance they get and often the reason they drink excessively is to hide from the pain and reality of their own life.

And they QUIT all productive tasks when they are tired or stressed, which is often.

Winners on the other hand, only quit when they are done or have won. If you’re worried that you’re a “boozer”, read this:

First off, I’m not here to judge anyone, I am from Wales, a country where a balanced approach to alcohol means having a drink in both hands, I like a drink myself from time to time, but I am here to help you become a better, happier, less naughty version, of your fine self.

Sound good? Ok lets hop to it . . .

Here is a story of a winner, who used to be a boozer.

You could say, this lady had EVERY RIGHT to drink. She had been a victim of a horrible crime, and the booze helped her cope.

She drank AT LEAST a bottle of wine a night. It helped to numb the pain that remembering caused her. Alcohol is great when you’re wanting to forget stuff. The trouble was she had been “hitting it hard” for so long, her health was starting to deteriorate.

Was she an alcoholic? probably not, but the drinking was taking its toll.

She hadn’t slept properly for years unless she was drunk, she was exhausted. She was gaining weight fast and she was missing work more and more, either due to hangovers or ill health.

It was a sorry state of affairs.

And to cap it all off, she had been diagnosed with high blood pressure and depression, and had been prescribed three medications.

It was at this point, she came to see me. She asked:
“Do you have a more natural approach to get me back on track?”.

The following months we worked together and I’m proud to say she is still on the right track today, we lost a fair bit of weight and then her blood pressure improved and her drinking lessened.

She was back to feeling more like her normal self, you could say, she still has counseling.

There is no hiding from the truth, sometimes, just like this lady, you HAVE to ask for help, then roll up your sleeves, do the dirty work, in order to come out the other side feeling better.

What with January around the corner, thats something to think about.

Richard Clarke

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