“Im heavier AND look worse than when I started two years ago”

Michelle, Karen and Jackie have had numerous benefits (including: feeling better, improved health, and weight loss) since following my slimming and fitness programmes:

Apart from a 10 month spell in India over 15 years ago, where I had no choice but to live a healthy life style, this is by far the best I’ve felt in 30 years. Thank you so much. The only problem you’ll have now is getting rid of me! Michelle Helliwell x” (personal training and slimming club)

Thanks Michelle, lets have another . . . “Richard really knows his stuff! So grateful to him for setting this up! Have struggled for years and finally feel I am going in the right direction thanks to this guy and I am never hungry on this plan x Karen Phillips” (slimming club)

Your my head swell even more than it already is Karen, ok just one more . . .

“This is the most sensible eating plan Iv ever been on and Iv tried them all. The weekly meetings with Jayne are fun friendly and very informative and I look forward to going.  I’m not loosing big amounts every week but I’m happy with my weight loss 11 lb so far and I’m learning how to choose healthy foods and portion size It’s definitely making a difference to my health. I’m so glad Iv found this slimming club x Jackie Morgans” (slimming club)That’s my ego satisfied.

Compare those to this question I received:

“Hi Richard, I ‘ve had a personal trainer for two years and workout three times a week and cant lose weight, am actually heavier and look worse than when I started. Please help. Marcia”

^^^What a waste of time ^^^^

To get results like Michelle, Karen and Jackie, go here now and fill out a form:


Richard Clarke

*Please note, all applications received for personal training and small group personal training will be assessed with a view to start towards the END of January. Plus if you complete your application for 1-1 training before 1st Jan at 8pm, as a bonus, you will receive my entire book collection of 5 books worth over £50.

Thank you for your patience.

PS – If you cant wait, the slimming clubs are still available, more info here:

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When you sign up for 12 weeks, and do it before 8pm on Jan 1st, you’ll save £10, and receive a free snacks and treats cookbook worth £7.99.

This offer is not just for new members, its for current and past members too. If you’ve already got the snacks and treats book we will give you a cookbook you haven’t got like the brand new clean curry cookbook.

To get in on the action and join us this January, fill out the form here:


If your still not sure, remember there really is ZERO risk on your part. If you join and pay, and then decide after your first session you dont like it, we will refund every penny and we can still be friends.

**** 21 Fantastic Reasons To Join Our New Slimming Club ****

*You will master how to eat tasty foods and lose weight, in the shortest possible time.

*You will learn everything you need to know to lose weight fast, and more importantly
– safely.

*We will be exploding the LOW FAT myth.

*We will show you the single best thing you can do when you’re not eating correctly all the time to stop weight gain.

*Find out how to tell if your weight loss resistant, and how to fix it.

*Discover exactly what to do if you’re planning on eating out, without spoiling your fun or results.

*Learn the honest no BS truth about why your body hates junk food and how to make healthier versions of all your favourites.

*Find out how even beginners are able to use our simple methods to lose lots of weight fast.

*Discover why the stupid standard advice about losing weight will get you nowhere in the long run.

*Learn why it’s actually smarter and easier and why the natural way is always the best.

*We will show you how to put together your own tasty meals that will keep your family happy.

*We will teach you how to avoid the mistakes even experienced dieters make.

*Find out little known strategies that can steer you to tremendous long-term success.

*Learn how to make fast, tasty and healthy meals with ease.

*We teach you why it may make more sense to be healthy and full of energy, that ANYTHING else.

*Discover how to “flush” out years of toxins from your body and boost your weight loss.

*Learn how to master weekends with our Weekend Diet, which even includes bread and chips.

*Try our tasty nutrition plan that will reduce your cravings and make you feel full of energy.

*Understand the feelings and emotions that are causing you to lose weight and put it all back on, over and over again, and how to break the cycle.

*Receive step-by-step instructions to naturally improve things like stress, sleep and constipation.

*Discover the real reasons you can’t lose that last 7-14lbs no matter what you do.

To hear more from our members and their results, go to our Facebook page where you’ll find videos and written accounts of their success:


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