Don’t Tell Your Husband I Called Him Fat (men’s slimming club)

I work with mostly women, but not exclusively.

Today I have something for the men in your life, like your husband or father.

Now I don’t want you to tell him he is fat, or that I called him fat.

But if he does happen to have a bit of timber to shift and you want to tell him about this, that’ll be great for all concerned.

Fat White MouseIts a new men only slimming club.

It will run every Wednesday at 5.45pm in Llansamlet. Starting on 4th January.

So if you want to help out a man in your life, tread carefully, and dont tell him I said he was fat whatever you do.

Either way, I will leave that to you, if he’s interested, he can get more info here:

Over and out,


PS – If they sign up for 12 weeks, before Sunday 8pm, they can save £10 and get a free cookbook.

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