3 Foods To Leave Out Of Your Shopping Trolley‏

I’m forever a student, I’m learning more and more all the time.

And one source of this education is my new slimming club.

The things that come up are great, and some of these girls are probably into losing weight more than me.

As a result they keep me well informed about what’s going on.

A statistic I heard was that over 80% of the stuff on the shelves of supermarkets is processed.

So if you took all that out, you wouldn’t be left with much more than some fruit, veg and meats, and the quality of those is questionable.

Anyways, continuing to fight the good fight.

Food is very close to my heart, it’s all I eat !!

And I want to share some of the highlights of what I have picked up recently, with you today.

Some products to leave out of your shopping trolley:

#1.  Greek Style Yoghurt.  Only recently discovered this one is not real.  It’s processed.  Plus if it has a flavour to it, that means more sugar.  Get the authentic plain greek yogurt (full fat).

#2.  Pre cooked chickens.  They are very HIGH in calories, SALT and SUGAR, and very LOW in NUTRITION.  Ok every now and then but not as a mainstay.

#3.  Frozen vegetables and berries.  Frozen foods contain additives and preservatives. Of course, the odd bit of ice cream won’t kill you, and we have it in for the kids and frozen veg and berries for emergencies.

If you swap frozen for fresh, your results will be far better. But frozen veg is always better than no veg.

So there are three poor quality foods you shouldn’t eat on a regular basis if you want to consistently lose weight.

Learn how to swap them for a fresher and tastier alternatives and this will improve your overall health and chances of shifting some lard and maybe seeing your toes again ;-).

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Richard Clarke

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