39 Spoons Of Sugar

I got a lot to tell you today.
First up, there is this week’s podcast.
It’s all about lower back pain, shift work, stretching, acne, allergies and much more. 
Also thanks for the feedback last week, I’m so touched by peoples kindness.
Speaking of kindness, check out this cool video that’s in the PS at the bottom (it’s made one woman I showed cry)
Finally, as usual, I have a little story for ya…
I went to the beefeater in SA1 a couple of weeks ago.
It was my niece’s 6th birthday party, everyone was there.
We were all placing our orders and I noticed that on the menu there was the option for bottomless drinks and unlimited chips.
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Now I have worked in America in my younger days and I knew exactly what this is, in case you don’t already know it basically means “all you can eat and drink” of the fizzy drinks and chips.
Let me tell you now that my family ordered THREE extra bowls of spicy fries and someone at the table had THREE pints of coke. 
Three pints of coke, that’s 39 spoons of sugar btw.
(could you eat 39 tea spoons of sugar?)
Let me make a couple of things clear
You may want to write this stuff down…
One of the main reasons people put on weight is basically
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1.  When you drink 1.5litres of coke (or consume ANY large meal for that matter) you will have a MASSIVE rise in blood sugar and subsequently a MASSIVE release of insulin.
2.  Insulin is a massive FAT STORAGE hormone.

You can try eating more proteins and fats as they don’t elevate blood sugar as much and therefore you don’t have such a big release of insulin (and subsequent fat storage). Also don’t drink the liquid sugar (coke and alike), just have some soda water and lime or something.

But ultimately it’s down to PORTION SIZE, just EAT LESS carbohydrates and sugar, that includes fruit too.
In case you hadn’t realised it, we have been slowly “americanised” we are following all the same trends with our culture, eating and drinking.
To be perfectly honest I think it’s a bad move.  
Also, there are a lot of these “man v food” challenges in restaurants these days too. And I even saw a meal which was named “the fat bastard”.  
People don’t give a shit, even with a name like that.
People don’t need any encouragement to eat any more than they already do.
PS – check this video out of a dog saving another dogs life just amazing http://youtu.be/jlR3UVU_nHQ 

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