Why drinking Diet Coke and Pepsi Max is INSANE

Just had this question come in from diet coke addict Marie:


Hi Rich, I used to follow slimming world but recently joined your slimming club as I had stopped losing weight. Yes I lost 10lbs to start, but I now seem to be stuck again. I read your email yesterday which suggested diet coke is bad for you. Do you think this may be the reason I can’t lose weight? I’m really confused, what’s so bad about diet coke? I always thought it was healthier than full fat coke because of less sugar??? I drink about 6 cans of it everyday and I think I’m a bit addicted. Thanks, Marie

Yes Marie, diet coke doesn’t contain any sugar, but its full of the artificial sweetener ASPARTAME.

The aspartame could be the reason you’re not losing weight, especially as you’re drinking so much, 6 cans a day is an INSANE amount.

One can isn’t going to kill you but the body of evidence against aspartame, and thus diet drinks is growing. For example recently its been suggested that aspartame is harder on your liver than ALCOHOL, which means, when you’re trying to be a good girl, and you swap that nice alcoholic drink for a diet coke, you’re actually WORSE OFF.

Who’da thunk it.

And something else diet drinks have been linked to, is Cardiac Arrest.

I’m not talking about a heart attack, where you get a blockage. A cardiac arrest is when the electrical activity of the heart goes haywire and the heart stops pumping and starts to quiver instead. In a nutshell, and I paraphrase, scientists say one reason this may happen is because aspartame triggers an irregular rhythm, it interacts with virtually all medication, damages the conduction system which causes sudden death.

So when people ask why I don’t include diet coke on my plan, now you know why.

Its evil stuff.

It ruins your liver, and your weight loss.

And it could even kill you.

To follow a slimming plan that’s NOT destroying your health, and is NOT built on a foundation of chemicals, click the link for more info:


Richard Clarke

PS – Even if you don’t drink diet coke, or just have the odd one, you may still be consuming lots of this nasty chemical. Its found in: Diet foods, chewing gum, breath fresheners, mints, sugar free foods, Canderel, NutraSweet and so on. My advice if you want to quit – from what I’ve seen over the years, not based on any science – DONT EVER just go cold turkey, I’ve seen some horrific withdrawals (from chest pain to vomiting and headaches), so reduce it down slowly over time.

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