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Ok sugar tits, lets get this show on the road.

Today I’m talking SUGAR.

There has been lots in the media about it recently, a programme called “sugar free farm”, which I haven’t watched but people have told me it’s about a farm where people go and NOT eat any sugar.

Which sounds great. Lots of us could do with a visit there.

I’m not a fan of watching celebrities myself, but do have a great recommendation for a documentary film/movie.

It’s called “That Sugar Film” and you can find it online.

The obesity/health epidemic, and it is a real epidemic, going on right now is SCARY.

I have personally lost three friends in the last three months, all were younger than 40 years old and all died of health related stuff.

People are dying younger and younger.

In the past people came out and said:
“anyone who is obese is just greedy and lazy”.

And guess what, it may actually be true.

But not in the way you think.

Do you know one of the biggest side effects of eating lots of sugar?

It makes you:

1.  OVEREAT (greedy)


2.  TIRED (lazy)

The Sugar Film, really presents the case against sugar nicely.

It shines the light on:

Bogus research, lies and bullshit spread by the industry covering up evidence of the side effects

Apparently sugar is MORE addictive than COCAINE in laboratory tests with rats and more recent research has said it’s as dangerous as smoking. And most people wouldn’t smoke but consume sugar in HUGE quantities without a second thought.

Make of that what you want.

But I will tell you this:

If you eat a diet consisting of:
-Cereal and cereal bars
-Low fat foods
-Pasta, bread, pizza, biscuits
-Fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate

You must feel like crap.

And get this written down:


Which is very sad indeed.

But what’s not sad are the hundreds of people who are successfully following my “NEW RULES” of slimming and nutrition via my online private members academy.

And, if you have had enough of sugar making you fat, greedy and lazy, you could join them too.

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Richard Clarke

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