A Weight Off My Shoulders

Another quickie for you today. (my favourite kind – boom boom ;-))

Everyone in the Clarke household is feeling better since we are all home and have had a good nights sleep.

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It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like myself again today.

BIG THANKS to everyone who sent messages and words of advice, seems like loads of you have been there, as one guy said “having your kids in hospital is worse than being there yourself”.

Sorry but I won’t have time to reply to each person individually but if you sent me a message you know who you are, and I am a bit blown away with the kindness – big hugs and kisses for you all – yes – even the men.

I’m pretty clued up with general health stuff, but I never knew asthma was so serious, one of my clients told me a story this morning about a neighbour who actually died.

I dismissed it as a “bit of asthma”.

Never again eh.

This parenting malarky is hard work and they never wrote that one in the bleeding manual ;-).

Back to the business in hand – keeping you “lot” entertained, educated and motivated to stay on the right track – you are all so naughty, I don’t know where you get it from…

Firstly the seminar menu went out to the attendees this week, so if you haven’t had that email, and you are coming, check your inbox and let me know your choices for the meal.

And secondly if you would like to “get your learn on” the doc and I have done a podcast for you.

We discuss all sorts of cool stuff like…

– Are Natrol Juice Festiv capsules a good supplement to take?
– Is there any advice to coming off anti depressants?
– What is bulletproof coffee and is it any good?
– What are the best protein powders to use?
And more of course.

As they say in Llandow – chow for now,



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