You’ll Either Love Or Hate This

It’s 5.45am.I’m up early writing this today because I fell asleep at 9.30pm last night after a nice magnesium bath.Early to bed and early to rise is so true.

Anyway i’m feeling fresh and ready to rock so lets get this party started…

Yesterday I received this email from Jen:


Hi Rich, love your emails.

I was wondering if you could help me. I have listened to the podcasts which were great but I need a few more ideas on what are the best foods to eat if you are a fussy eater and have IBS.

Keep up the good work, thanks,



I receive similar messages all the time.

When we used to do the podcast I would answer them ALL, in detail and ALL for FREE.

I noticed some people who submitted questions DIDN’T listen to the answer (muppets).

If I saw them or spoke to them a month later and asked how did you get on with X, nothing had changed.

I hate to say it but sometimes the advice I give is wasted on people who couldn’t really give a shit.

To send me a quick question on your iPhone takes about 15-30 sec.

To actually do something with the info I send back will obviously take a bit more time and effort.

And that’s what people are lacking.

Time and any real effort to put into something.

People want change but are not willing to do the WORK it takes to get what it is they want.

Trouble is, people don’t appreciate free stuff.

They don’t value it. (fact)

^^just writing the word fact makes it one ok^^

So I said to Jennifer, as nicely as possible, if she wanted my advice she would have to get on Skype for 20 mins to have a chat as I would need to ask her a few questions to be able to help properly and professionally.

I sent her the link to make a payment.

And never heard from her.

Either way.

She didn’t think it was WORTH it.


She was afraid of what I would ask her to do to get things sorted, afraid of being accountable to do the work.

My point here today is that I can’t keep answering questions for free, forever.

It’s not a sustainable way to help people and it’s a sure fire way to put myself IN the nut house and OUT of business.

So to avoid that happening I’m starting an online programme.

(which I may have mentioned, get used to it I’m gonna talk about it a lot)

I have been planning this for a while.

It’s gonna be a place where I can spill my guts and other trainers won’t nick my stuff and free loaders are not allowed entry.

By doing this I can help more people learn my system to get fit and stay in shape plus protect my interests.

(other trainers steal my email ideas and diet plans all the time)

It’s members only, kinda like a V.I.P area in a bar or a box at the stadium.

It’s gonna be amazing.

Trust me, you will get so much out of it.

More on that soon.

Rich “behind closed doors” Clarke

PS – Don’t sweat if this does not sound like it’s for you. I will still be sending my regular emails, for free, and probably gonna do another podcast, also gratis.

But when the online programme kicks off later this year, the best and most VALUABLE info will be fully explained in a private members area.

I will hold your hand and take you through it all step by step.

If you want to find out the release date and get a free bonus for being an early action taker.

Stick your email address in over by here:

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