Are You Enjoying or Destroying Your Life?‏

Life’s too short they say.

You only live once they say.

You have gotta live right?

Go on, enjoy yourself.

You could be dead tomorrow.

You don’t know what’s around the corner.

^^That’s what people say right.^^

The good time gang I call them.

I used to be one of them.

I’m a bit of an expert on CRAZY lifestyles.

I used to live one of the craziest.

Here in Wales, UK, we are MAD.

We love the (cough) GOOD LIFE.alcohol

Getting wrecked. Off our heads.

Whatever you want to call it.

I have seen it my whole life and partook for many years.

I have a HUGE family.

I have over 50 cousins.

More people in our family went to prison than went to College or University.

I have seen my fair share of alcoholics, drug addicts, drug dealers, car thieves and the rest.

People who do next to fuck all with regards to health or dieting.

They don’t give a fak.

People who are always trying to justify their EXCESS and their INDULGENCE.

People who are trying to SABOTAGE those of us who are following a plan in life.

But in reality they are partly right.

Yes I agree, you have to enjoy life.

It’s a gift.

But what is enjoyment?

Getting drunk ALL THE TIME?

Eating to excess ALL THE TIME?

Feeling like shit ALL THE TIME?

Is that really enjoying yourself?

For me, and many others, enjoyment means different things…

Time with the family
Good nights sleep
A trip to the cinema or alike
A family meal out
Being in good shape
Very little stress

It’s a fine line to walk.

Yes you should enjoy life.

But at what point does enjoyment become destructive?

WHEN do you go from enjoying something to it starting to destroy you?

Things in life which we all enjoy BUT have the potential to destroy you.

Spending Money

Can you think of any more?

At what point do people realise they need to change, and their approach is flawed?

When they are diagnosed with something serious?

When they are in a hospital bed surrounded by their loved ones begging them to change their ways?

I wouldn’t leave it too late, you may find that time has passed you by and you don’t actually have what it takes to get the job done and to change your lifestyle.

But only you know exactly where you’re at right now.

Are you still enjoying life?

or have you realised that you are actually DESTROYING your life?

Rich “enjoying or destroying?” Clarke

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