Why weekends and a celebrity social life are destroying your progress

When trying to shed some timber, my general advice when it comes to booze and eating out, is that you should keep it to special occasions.

That was until Marilyn, one of the slimming club leaders, pointed out how many “special occasions” there were, and it made my jaw drop.

What constitutes a special occasion?

-Weekends – yes they are now special occasions
-Weddings etc

Lets do the maths:

-Weekends – Friday, Saturday and Sunday = 156 days
-Holidays (4 weeks) and post holiday holidays = 40 days
-Social occasions x 10 = 20 days
-Xmas = 20 days

= That’s a MINIMUM of 236 days out of 365 days a year.

Maybe more.

You can see the problem.

Even if you stick to your diet in between social occasions, holidays, birthdays and weekends, you would still only be on the right track a third of the time.

People are living like celebrities.

And why not.

Life is here to be enjoyed and I’m partial to a bit of fuss myself.

Whats not to like.

Lets party!

The trouble is though, the party lifestyle can make it hard to stay slim and still fit into tight dresses. Some people, are so desperate to have their cake and eat it and keep their weight in check, they just DONT eat in between nights out. Thats one approach I wouldn’t recommend. It may help keep your weight in check, but it will destroy your metabolism and when you do eat and drink, you’ll be prone to FAST weight gain.

What I would recommend is trying a couple of things:

(1) curtail your craziness on weekends to less than three days of drinking booze and eating treats, drop a Sunday (and maybe a Friday).

(2) to be able to go out on some social occasions, and, shock horror, NOT drink or eat rubbish.

In addition to these very simple (and very unsecsy) changes, on all of my training and nutrition programmes I teach members a couple of additional “tricks”, which if applied correctly, more or less stop you from gaining any weight after big nights out. Some members even go out, get drunk, eat what they want, and still LOSE weight.

So yes, if you know what you’re doing, you can really have your cake and eat it.

To get in on the action and learn how, go here:


Richard Clarke

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