Choose Between Death Or Change

Most people actually choose to die than to change their behaviour – fact.

What about you?

Are you UNABLE to stop eating or drinking booze?

If so, don’t sweat, you are just like the MAJORITY of people, they also choose DEATH rather than to change their behaviour.

Personally I can’t think of anything worse than being “just like everybody else” but then I have always been a bit strange.


Many people in the Western World are:
Over fed
Lazy (it’s our nature it’s not an insult)
Self indulgent
Spending money quicker than they earn it
Eating food quicker than they can deal with it

With all this stuff we must have improved our lives and made them easier than previous generations, right?

But here is the crazy part…..NO – most people are STILL unhappy.

And some people actually think that having MORE of the above will make them happy somehow.

Where is the sense in this? It’s all twisted.

We are supposed to be intelligent, but don’t act that way.

If you ask me, modern man has never had it so good.

We are amongst the first few generations to have THREE meals a day (or more) for our whole life.

People, even in my parents generation, didn’t have that.

These days we have everything we need to succeed.

However we also have everything we need to kill ourselves too.

The diseases that we die from are called “diseases of excess”.

They are symptoms of living a “western lifestyle”

Heart attacks

If you choose to live life excessively, then you are inadvertently choosing to KILL yourself sooner than you would die naturally.

Don’t choose death

Don’t choose excess


Choose change

Choose life (train spotting)

Choose moderation

The truth is people CAN change but choose not to.

Some people are scared little sheep and some are hungry Tigers.

Which one are you?

Rich “everything in moderation” Clarke

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