Are You Settling For Less?

See this so much.

People start off with BIG ambitions

And half way towards the goal they start to convince themselves that this “new place” is actually not too bad.

I call this SETTLING for LESS.

Ever done that?

Settled for LESS

Some people settle for less than they should with their


Maybe you have settled for LESS weight loss.

Like lots of ladies I have worked with, who settled for losing that first 15-30lbs, when they SAID they really want (and NEED) to lose 60lbs.
weighing scales
Why do we do this?

It’s mostly to do with a drop in motivation.

When you first start a task like losing 60lbs you let yourself “dream big”.

Then as time goes on, you get tired out, bored and the task becomes less exciting.

Motivation and ambition levels drop.

You start to accept where you are as being “ok”.

You have in effect settled for less.

Of course you don’t need me to tell you this is the wrong way to approach weight loss.

Having a body that’s HALF fixed.

Only being “kinda” better.

If you want to learn how to do it right.

And get regular motivation

Here’s the magic link:

You just need the ambition, I will help motivate you and encourage you to achieve that ambition.

Like Dyan Thomas (a famous Welsh poet) said:

Ambition is critical.

Richard  “ambitious” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I will show you how you can stop yourself from worrying about stuff too much.

Chow for now brown cow 😉


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