How You Can Stop Yourself Worrying So Much

I did an interview for my buddy Georgina from Turn Lights On last week.

And just like me, she is on a mission to make the world a better place.

She is a great motivator and is helping people to change their lives.

You may have heard of her before as we did a great podcast together last year (go to the blog to check that out).

Well now, she has her own TV channel online.

And she came to have a chat with me about WHY exercise is so GOOD at helping you feel better.

I share my simple tip and show you how you can STOP yourself worrying about stuff so much.

Most of us stress about things which have either happened in the PAST or we stress about things which may happen in the FUTURE.

Learn how to fix this.

Check out the 5 minute video here:

Richard “ass kicker” Clarke

PS – On the morrow I shall telleth thee a tale of darkness, depression and misery, and of course how you ye can avoid it.


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