I Expected A Backlash

Last year I wrote an article called F*ck The Flu Jab.

Where I made an admittedly crude statement about the flu vaccination.

I expected a bit of a backlash.

(as people still love to get their vaccines, my mum included)flu jab

And as predicted, I had a few people who were bumping their gums about the idea.

One said something like

that’s ridiculous, I have been having the flu jab for over 25 years it’s completely safe”.

Someone else said something much less polite, I can’t even print it.

It happens, I can take it.

I have written about the flu jab since then

And I mention it now because it’s the ”flu season” here in the UK right now.

I told you the other day that we received a letter through the door offering my 6 year old son Louis a flu vaccine (administered by an inhaler of some sort).

So kind of them to think of the kids like that!

Anyways to find out what I say you can read the full article for yourself, the link is here:


Please excuse my french.

And guess what?

In episode 51 of the podcast, myself and General Practitioner of 25 years, Dr Mark Daniels answered the question:

Is the flu contagious?


Just in case any naysayers are still in doubt.

Richard “keep an open mind” Clarke

PS – AND as if ALL that wasn’t enough, in that episode we even give our expert
opinions about flattening your tummy and we also help you decide which supplements speed up weight loss.

PPS – Speak to you tomorrow about a resource which is helping people dispel rumours and get clear on how to lose weight fast and keep it off for good…


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