Do You Like Being Told What To Do?

That’s what one of my lovely ladies said to me recently.

We were discussing what she liked about the training program she is following

She admitted:
I like being told what to do

She also added:
except by my husband”.

(Typical, my wife doesn’t listen to me either. She is still in training ;-))

People like not having to think for themselves.

I know, because I like it too.

I have coaches that tell me what to do with my business.

It’s a HUGE help.

I progress much faster than I would if I was doing it all alone.

It reduces the “mental” aspect and the amount of thinking you have to do.

Making the whole process much EASIER.

It’s great when you can just do what you are told and you KNOW you will get the desired outcome.

Of course you can try to figure all this weight loss stuff out all by yourself.

If you have the time and patience.

Or you could let me tell you what to do just like this lady did.

Richard “bossy” Clarke

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I’m that confident in the results it produces I have a 14 day money back guarantee.

So the risk is in effect on me


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