Builder’s Bums

I have seen more than my fair share in the last few weeks with all this work going on at home.

I have also learnt that some “builders promises” are not a very strong ones.


I’ve had a few let downs, people not turning up even though they gave me their word, “100% tomorrow Rich” and all that crap, only to let you down exactly the same – the next day.

I can’t believe the cheek of some people, it seems, to me at least their promise means nothing.

Sometimes I get a little “stressed” because I can’t get these emails to you (which I promised/committed to do) which compared to the builders, now seems silly.

I realise my thermometer for “letting people down” is pretty sensitive – in a good way.

But as far as I’m concerned, if I make a commitment, or a promise – that’s it.

When other people don’t live up to my own way of doing things (a promise is a promise) I get MASSIVELY disappointed.

So even though I haven’t anything of substance to teach (in written format anyways), I have made my promise so
the doc and I stayed up late and did manage to get another episode of our VERY popular podcast done.
That’s here.

We talk about:
A lady who suffers with dizziness
A man with a bad skin infection
A lady who gets bloated after eating vegetables
And talk about how to avoid cramps.

As they say in the cartoons “That’s all folks”


PS – If you missed what we had to say about these RASPBERRY KETONES thingys, that episode has been popular and is here too.


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