Detox Session 1

Session 1 [Presentation]

Watch this video, which gives you all of the information you need to know about a detox. The video looks into which toxins trigger the need for a detox and how to follow a detox diet which can dramatically turn your health around.


You may of received these documents in your starter pack if you have personal training.

If you are doing this as an online course please print the following documents.

*Please note the detox manual is 64 pages so you may just want to print the last 10 pages and read the rest off the screen.

Pre Detox Plan

Shopping List & Advice


Core Detox Recipes

If you have some pressing questions about detox and would like to know a bit more then check out our FAQ’s

Detox Course Frequently Asked Questions

If you like to read rather than watch videos to learn have a look at this Detox Manual (short)

After about 7 Days Click the following link once you are ready to move onto Detox Session 2:

Detox Session 2

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