Do You Like Eating Out? (my advice)

I was going to speak about all my piss head clients today, but you have had a reprieve!

Something has just come across my radar that I wanted to share with you.

It will help, especially if you like eating out…
(who doesn’t like it?)

And it’s a bit of fun.

Lets play a little game…like a test…to see if you have been listening.

I want you to try to choose what you would eat from these menus, before checking what advice I gave.

I just had this email from Lowri.

Hi Rich,

I’m eating out tonight and tomorrow night (have to go to catch up with friends).

…Any advice on what to eat apart from the obvious salad?!

Here are the menus.

Menu 1

Menu 2


Lowri x

I get lots of similar questions from my lovely ladies.

Oh how women love to go out for food and a few drinks with the girls.

It’s great fun and feels wonderful to see friends.

However, eating out creates a dilemma when you are on a weight loss plan.

But that’s life, full of little dilemmas poor us eh.

The choices, if you want to stay on track, are to either go out and eat well or stay in and be anti-social.

…So now we have decided to go out and eat well like Lowri

What would you have chosen from the menus?

What do you think I suggested from menu 1?

And menu 2?

Ok you can see my choices down below in the PS.

My opinion on eating out is that it should be


You have access to a chef, with a full kitchen of ingredients, eat what you want, not what they want to give you.

1. Change the menu to suit your needs.

2. Ask the waiter/waitress what they can do for you?

3. Swap the chips for more veg or a salad.

4. Drop the sauces.

5. Order a large bottle of water.

^^^^^yes all this stuff is basic^^^^^

That’s what I teach, the basics, because if you do the basics right, 80% of the time you don’t need a diet as such.

So if you are eating out and you are following my nutrition plan, you just need to be sensible.

I want my clients to be making good decisions, not acting like weirdos eating rabbit food all the bloody time.

Where is the fun in that?

Rich “I’m not creating weirdos” Clarke

PS – for those playing along…

My choices were:

Menu 1 – gammon, egg and vegetables.

Menu 2 – starter of Prawns Pil Pil

Then Steak and Salad as a main.

What did you choose?

I’m interested let me know.

Have a great weekend and I will see you next week you sexy beast 😉


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