Do You Sleep Deeply?

I recently had a conversation with Cath.

She was confused and had forgotten stuff we had been through in the past.

I understand, it happens all the time and like I reminded Cath

I’m going to remind you too

Cath quite often feels pretty shitty.

We believe it’s her hormones and she is trying some HRT at the minute.

She is not sleeping well, and hasn’t for months.

One night with no sleep every now and then is no big deal, especially if you’re a parent it’s easy.

The next day you can manage to keep going with an extra coffee or two and with no ill effects.

However, multiply that out over a few months and you have someone who is …

-slowly going insane

-making crazy decisions and mistakes (especially with food)

-lacking will power

-unable to stop eating sugar

-unable to remember things

-lacking patience with loved ones and kids

I’m sure you could add to that list.

The fact of the matter is when you don’t sleep

– you really are up against it.

It messes your entire system up.

You can gain weight REALLY FAST.

Lack of sleep makes an already weak will power – non bloody existent.

No sleep, also messes up your hormones and appetite and makes you crave sweet stuff like chocolate and sugar.

It goes like this…

1. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired.

2. When you’re tired, you can get emotional and hungry.

3. When your emotional and hungry you end up eating crap.

4. Eating crap makes you feel even more awful, emotions are all over the place.

5. All this affects makes you gain weight and continues to mess with your sleep and hormones even more and the problem gets worse, and the cycle continues.

The only way to stop this cycle is to fix your sleep.

Now I will admit fixing sleep is easier said than done but lucky for you I have had lots of practice helping people do it naturally.

And today I’m going to share some advice with you.

These are just the basics for those who don’t sleep well and want to give it a crack, doing it naturally:

A- No caffeine after lunch

B- No junk food or sugar

C- No alcohol

D- No ipad/tv/laptop before bed

E- Take a magnesium supplement or have an epsom bath

There is of course sometimes more to it especially if there is stress involved.

Or hormones to blame.

But those are the basics.

Which will help either way.

If you don’t sleep well, give it a try.

Rich “is it time for bed yet?” Clarke

PS – keep an eye out tomorrow for my advice on alcohol and weight loss and what approach I take with all my clients who like a drink, a bit too often.


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