How Well Do You Sleep?

How well do you sleep?

So many people these days don’t sleep well at all.

When it comes to “fixing” people who can’t sleep I have a pretty good record, I have spent lots of time (and money) learning the best NATURAL solutions.

It’s pretty common amongst my clients, so I have had lots of practice.


I have even developed a special sleep protocol which works a treat.

For example my new buddy Liz hadn’t slept for 8 years, yes really 8 years.

I sorted her out in three weeks, and she has now had a full nights sleep every night for the last month.

Lately yours truly has been slowly going out of balance and not sleeping properly.

I have been looking tired and unhealthy.

I was working late – too often.

Staying up late – too often.

Having my evening meal after 9.30pm some nights.

And then I was watching something on my laptop to “chill out”.

And then I have been sleeping much worse.

I love my sleep so I had to sort it out.

In the last two weeks I have found a great new solution to add to my protocol.

Firstly, I have decided to say NO to people and not stay in work so late, which has allowed me to eat my tea at a decent time.

Plus and this is the big one, I have installed a new “magic” programme on my computer.

The programme changes the colour of the screen after dusk and as the evening gets later. (the link for it is down below)

The screens on an iPad, mobile phone and laptop are so bright they don’t allow the brain to start the process of winding down towards going to sleep.

This then affects the brains ability to get into a deep state of sleep and how many sleep cycles you have.

Since I have started the new routine and installed the programme my sleep is much better and I’m waking up with more energy.

My eyes look less tired too.

Happy days.

If you are like me and have been sleeping poorly, staying up late on your iPad or for whatever reason, give this a try, it’s free.

Have a nice weekend.

Rich “love my sleep” Clarke

PS – All my groups are full now until May unless someone drops out, but I do have some one-one slots available.

Drop me a line if you have any questions about starting and we can get on the phone for a quick chat.


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