My Client’s Husbands

This happens on a regular basis.

Just like me, my clients husbands are EASILY some of the biggest pains in the arse I have ever had. (as I’m sure their/my wife would agree ;-)).

I mostly work with women, and their husbands are often stressed out and grumpy…and if I’m honest, sometimes even arrogant and RUDE.

It’s a man thing I think.

They work in an office but are experts in everything to do with nutrition and training.

Maybe they have read a pull out of the guardian or a fitness magazine and for whatever reason think they know more about health than me or anyone like me.

Maybe they were good at P.E at school or something? (when P.E. was done in your vest and pants ;-)) Or they once used a multi gym or some shit?

But I can tell you, I used to get SO wound up by it. It did my head in, still does at times.


We see it a lot in life, Armchair experts I think they call em.

No matter what you talk to them about they have an answer (that’s usually wrong) based on what they read or heard somewhere .

Most of the time nowadays, I find it more amusing than annoying…

It seems, at least to me anyways, that they just don’t like their wives having a personal trainer, but as in all marriages, we all know who the boss is – right girls?

The husbands can say stuff like…

– you don’t need a trainer, I can train you myself
(^^ my personal favourite ^^)
– you (and your bum) look fine
– I love you, just the way you are my darling
– that seems a lot of money, the gym is only £20 month

Many of the husbands are successful businessmen who earn a few quid.

Powerful men.

Unfortunately SOME see the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

BUT …if the wife says she feels fat and is getting a personal trainer, there is little the husbands can say or do to stop her.

Plus all experienced men know a happy wife means a happy life
^ ^ write that stuff down gents^ ^

In reality, what happens is over the months and years the wives are training, I see the grumpy buggers (husbands) here and there and say “Hello”, with the odd wave and a smile (through gritted teeth for them ;-0) and we break down the barriers.

BUT the real ones who break down the barriers are the wives – coming home and saying they are pleased with X, or chuffed with Y.

In the end, a combination of their wives comments nagging and me being polite and professional, they meet up and realise I’m not the tool/fool/perve they may have thought I was, and the hubbys end up realising I’m ok (for a personal trainer anyway).

Then they also realise it costs NOTHING EXTRA for them to join their wives at the sessions, so they come along and do a session or two.

The hubbies turn up in 20 year old Nike Pegasus because they don’t like to waste naf all. (no word of a lie I have two male clients who wear trainers which are at least 20 years old by their own admission).

Then of course, the wives have three brand new pairs and turn up in different ones depending on the colour of their kit that day ;-).

From that point forward they work as a team and both get better results because they are both living the same “way of life”. (not opposite ones)

Rich ‘pants and vests for P.E” Clarke

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2 thoughts on “My Client’s Husbands”

  1. Great piece, this tickled me. As a well seasoned distance runner, next to shoes, I consider good socks to be my critical piece of kit and I swear by Hilly’s Mono Skin. So you can imagine my disdain when my husband, on a rare trip accompanying me on a run, slipped on a pair of beige, calf length, ‘office suit’ socks. Aesthetics aside, I explained the importance of good technical clothing. ‘Hmmm’, he scoffed ‘you only took up sport to further indulge your love of clothes’. I prayed he’d get blisters.

    1. Hey Amanda,

      glad you liked it, i have only had two husbands threaten me about it (;-)). Its defo a man thing i guess. I know when i need new ones(trainers) because my wife leaves them out by the back door!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment,

      Rich x

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