F**K The Flu Jab

If you are new around here, or one of my lovely ladies, sorry in advance about the F-word.

My mother has already told me to wash my mouth out with a bar of soap.

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(I have actually had that treatment as a kid, it obviously didn’t work)

Let me explain why, unless you are in a “high risk” group you should F**K the flu jab – off your to do list.

They advertise Flu Season like it’s a party.

Balloons and banners everywhere up the surgery.

The “good news” this year is, that 4 year old’s can now get it!

I think it’s wrong.

1.  The vaccination is full of TOXIC chemicals which are dangerous for your body.

And B (;-)) I don’t even think it works.

Let me explain, and give you a BRIEF history lesson.

Vaccinations are based on a THEORY.

In fact, the whole approach to mainstream medicine is based on a theory attributed to Louis Patseur.

The “theory” basically says that many illnesses are caused by germs and the only way to cure said illness is to have a vaccination or medication to kill the germs.

Pasteur believes that GERMS are in the environment and anyone can catch them.

At the time, there was a popular and opposing theory proposed by a man called Antoine Bechamp.

Bechamp thought that germs were part of our environment, that they are always present, and noted that they only “appeared” when the environment or as he called it the SOIL (inside the person’s body) was correct for the germ to thrive.

Bechamp said the emphasis to prevent disease should be placed on “cleaning” our soil/terrain (bodies) instead of attacking the germs with vaccines.

The body becomes diseased as a result of stagnant tissue.

Disease thrives in a low oxygen ACIDIC environment.

Therefore, disease can’t live in a healthy ALKALINE body.

Clean, pure healthy bodies are strong enough to beat the viruses.

Basically Bechamps SOLUTION was NATURAL and Pasteurs was MAN MADE.

We all know which theory won the day.

The government make money if they follow Pasteurs theory but none if they follow Bechamps theory.

I feel strongly about this, that’s why today I CHOSE to swear.

I see it as a BIG CON, people need to know this stuff.

Get this, Pasteur, speaking during his final days, about someone else who opposed him (a close colleague Claude Bernard) was noted as saying:

“He was right, the microbe is nothing and the soil is everything”

^^^ That’s GOLD, write it down ^^^

It’s funny what the government chose to tell us, or not tell us.

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Of course I have told my mother this who always gets the flu jab, she wasn’t having any of it.

She will continue to have hers every year. If you have it every year and it works for you, who am I to question that.

I’m just here to let you know that vaccination is not even a proven science, it’s just a theory, just someones opinion, based on  someone else’s opinion, which has been heavily criticised.

Would I get the flu jab?

Obviously not.

Will I catch the flu?

I don’t normally but I have to say it’s not impossible, as last time I checked I was human.

Rich “natural immunity” Clarke

PS – In this week’s podcast we talk about:
– What Ibuprofen products and levels are safe to take.
– What happens to women when they lift heavy weights
– How much water should you drink
– How a skinny person can gain weight
And loads more.

PPS – Remember I swear because I care. I’m trying to make a point and there is nothing like the f-word to do that, I get fired up about this stuff.

If you don’t like it tough, that’s me, I swear from time to time.

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2 thoughts on “F**K The Flu Jab”

  1. I am an asthmatic and I haven’t had the flu jab in years. Every time they try to get me to have it I refuse and (touch wood) I have been fine. As long as I’m vigilant with my medication I’m golden. I don’t see what the big hoopla is. In fact I always felt worse after I had it. My arm ached, and I always had a bad cold and bad chest afterwards. It no coincidence as last year I didn’t even get a cold at all. As long as I regularly wash my hands (I always have hand sanitizer in my bag) and take my medication properly I’ve never had a problem. Not saying that it’s gospel that everyone should do what they like and go against drs advice (cos that’s all it is, advice) but it works for me.

    1. Hi Claire,
      So many people tell me similar stories and I’m glad your doing well NOT having it. Self protection is the way. As you say its just advice, you have to figure what works for yourself.

      Thanks for the comment,

      Rich x

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