4 Natural Health Remedies

During the change of the seasons, I don’t know why, but people seem to me – to get ill more easily.

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I used to have all sorts of drugs in my medicine cabinet to fix myself up.

The usual suspects, paracetamol, lemsip sudafed, vicks, co-codamol, cold and flu remedies and alike.

We are apparently heading for “flu season” and there’s me thinking it was Autumn.

I used to have the Flu Jab too.

That’s until I learned how to look after myself, NATURALLY. Less medication has to be better in the long term.

Sure I still take medication from time to time, sometimes it’s the only way, but my first instinct now is to reach for my new remedies.

I like to look at things as simply as I can.

I believe, to be healthy, we need the same input as plants – food – water – sunlight. The three main ingredients to make us feel alive.

During September and October in the UK the sun moves out of our “range” and we lose many of the benefits it provides via Vitamin D.

We will not get any beneficial Vitamin D from the suns rays until after April next year.

When people start to get ill this time of year it’s no coincidence…

However, today I’m NOT here to tell you about the pros and cons of vitamin D. (boring)

BUT as usual I will share some practical advice on what I’m doing to look after myself, my family and my clients this autumn and winter.

1.  Vitamin D. As usual for this time of year I just ordered a load of vitamin D for the girls in my semi-private groups, some went for the spray and some for the tablets. I take this everyday.

2.  Vitamin C. I have this in the cabinet year round, and if I feel a little tickle in my throat or a sniffle take 2000mg on an empty stomach, twice a day.

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3.  Honey & Lemon. I use an organic lemon juice in a bottle, but fresh is always best. I have also managed to get my hands on some honey made in Morriston, yes Morriston (a place in Swansea) NOT Morrisons (the supermarket).  I take this mix with hot water if I feel anything like a cough or sore throat.  I drink one cup every hour where possible.

4.  Epsom Salts & Dead Sea Salts. I have recently started using both types of salts and am enjoying having my magnesium and essential salts via a nice HOT BATH.  I have a bath in salts 2-3 times a week for general health.

Of course I do lots of other things, like eat well, stay away from too much junk, exercise and have saunas, but those four tips are what I recommend you do, as explained, to keep yourself from going down with anything serious this autumn and winter (or any time for that matter).

Give them a try and see how they “do you” as it were.

Rich “Just The Remedy” Clarke

PS – In this week’s podcast we answer questions about:

– What Ibuprofen products and levels are safe to take.
– What happens to women when they lift heavy weights
– How much water should you drink
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And loads more.


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